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Yeah so those happened in every practice right. There's always some sort of situation that you're working on normally third downs or one day and i do or the other and then there's a fast friday and then walk through on saturday and then the game week so but every single day whether it's working on first down second down or whatever their situations in there you know like if it's second in long you have to work on that in the radio. Dan for us the only reason why no this is because some of those situations do have a kick at the end if it happens right so like a two minute drill one thirty five might even be a situation that another team actually had this past season where. There's no timeouts how they handled it. I how they would handle it instead. Maybe something they did last year. Like for instance. The the chargers there was a lot of situations where the chargers were handling the situation terribly. Yeah they were in the lead k. We're trying to run four minute offense here everybody on earth when you're in the league at the end of the game you're trying to stay inbound. You're trying to keep that clock running because guess what the clock runs gay. Men's who's an lead you you win win okay. So that's just smart football all right. That is just what you have to do. The patriots have dominated in these types of things. Football iq outs describe but it's all situational football. Basically the patriots have dominated for some of. The chargers will probably go through in practice. Indifference times situations that they potentially fucked up last year now whether staley tells them that is what they're doing or somebody remembers it or if they're doing something else all those things happen so i thought the mo jo moment was going to be something i hadn't seen before they can add some energy to it or something like that or but it seemed like it was your situation will football pretty big plays which i guess he's trying to point out like hey you know there are plays in the game and then there are plays in a game that you have to show. I don't. I'm not a hundred percent in but just like mike mccarthy said if you get a chance to use an austin powers line you and that's that is what you have to do but bringing energy you know to practice and trying to make something that is very routine. Feel new is a massive part of coaching. things can get stale. You have to change things up and bring energy like the gold member Which a lot of people said well that interesting. Mike mccarthy's using austin powers one year after the. Oh no kidding. That's i mean but hey ain't no kidding nets. No i mean i i when i was watching house like say anything but you know i mean. That's very convenient but outside of it's weird because with the cowboys it seems like you kind of know everybody on the team already but like you said like i've never really seen anything from daklak. You guys is such a polish kind of bullshit version of it. So it's awesome to see like. Was there anyone else that you saw last night. That you're i. I liked this guy okazaki. We're like what's going to happen the next few weeks here. All right so coach bones. We learned a lot about all right. Fossil son of coach legendary coach has been a wizard special teams coordinator for long time. Also been on coaching staffs. I think that let him do his thing. You know. I think he was. With fisher and fisher. Let them run a bunch of fakes with johnny. Hector who's fucking freak athlete and then whenever he Went with mcveigh. They continue to let him do a bunch of insane stuff. He got paid a bunch to go to dallas when they were trying to fix up special teams because of how you know he has had a lot of success. I think mike mccarthy actually said last year like i talked to bones about stuff. Because i think he's super high football iq of special teams before by the way because a lot of situational football situations end up with special teams. A a kick or something like that happened so learning that he's been neutered and then reopened. It was fascinating that was a fascinating thing. Learn about it but seems like a great connection with player and they loved it guy. I think the guys you're a soldier something that well. He's got that room. I mean the room and they are very tight. And i guess that's how you can learn about each other and the only way you can kinda grow together as if you learn more about and i feel like. Hbo is like hey. Here's a special teams coordinator. I if you know exists or not. But you're about to learn a lot about him and his him and his team got along great mica. I enjoyed mica. I thought he was a fascinating guy out there. He flies to the football use. He flies around now. Ten digs was all upset after the preseason the hall of fame game because people were crying and is a new legend in the nfl. Or whatever and after watching that. I'm like i don't think it was just after that. I think in the cowboys camp. They're very excited about mike abi and they're like even vandenbossche or whatever Who he's not calling plays anymore by the way. I think mike is actually plays. Sean lease out now in in you know. It's kind of like a turnover. Almost seems like he's joking like he's having a great time with him and i think anytime that type of thing happens i think when you see somebody that's special who also. I like whenever the teammates like. I'm a big judge. Like which i wish. They would've showed more of the team interacting with each other. I wonder why they didn't do more of that. Little baby view. While i was gonna say maybe just because it typically like most other teams. They wouldn't have had the hall of fame game so like they had to dedicate you know twenty five minutes to that or whatever i know jerry. Jimmy true surprise. Jerry might've been like. Hey we still don't wanna put jimmy johnson the ring of honor. So can you leave that out of the episode. I don't wanna remind people because that was uncomfortable. Well obviously you guys don't allow for the cowboys and When we started that ring on he was just let everybody..

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