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To consider another course what if home is interest what they're telling me right what if home is what i choose to make it that's beautiful took about another episode that really yeah beautifully explored the idea of choice impossibility of what home really means the commuter not to be confused with the land adjacent film of the same name that also came out this past weekend this is from jack thorn jack chris child thorns intro mv kindle edition yet did he mention anything about the trolley rich the take this up with him later quote what i'm also meyer about him and what drew me to the commuter this is dickey's talking about is that he always finds the ordinary in each ordinary none of his characters are superheroes and waiting rather they are ordinary joe's who have been given a glance through a window and responded accordingly they don't suddenly change who they are but as the world transform so they transform within it and he continues i spent the last year immersed in the story and there are still questions i'm having to ask about as i read it was they loved that yeah things i've i enjoyed about this reread we read the too short stories that the source of the episodes that we're focusing on is the way the intro is kind of skirt around basically saying hey there's no on a detail in the shower i literally one hundred days i got to make it out he had out hey guys i don't know what's going on here i something about this ten pitch story for last year.

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