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Thank you, General. We're talking weeks for weeks about the NFL trade line and then thud. Nata Did C. DeAndre Washington, The former Raider. Go Kansas City, Miami. But not much else. Let's talk about it. Bill Barnwell does a great job of ESPN. You see him on with Scott Van Pelt late night, Bill Arnold Podcast at Bill Barnwell form on Twitter. He joins us courtesy of the Omagh guess line, Bill. Thank you so much for joining us 1st 2nd of all Most of these are thuds These trade deadlines, but especially today. Nothing happening. How come I don't know. I'm really disappointed that I thought there was a logical reason to make trades. You know, a lot of times you had kind of excess players to, you know, Summer contender somewhere, not but some logical thoughts. Were there. Maybe team just concerned about Covic, you know, concerned about not getting that player in for a while. But I have to admit, I thought we would see some guys like you know, your John Ross is, remember. You're Kenny Stills. You know, with these teams who aren't really competing for a place, but you know, maybe realistically heading somewhere. Maybe Maybe there's the rumors of a 16 team playoff, maybe encourage some teams. No towards the bottom of the standings onto their players. In case they get hot going a playoff run, but after to admit I thought there was gonna be more happening. I think the issue is there's a lot of teams that wanted to sell players. But there's just not a buyer's market in light of Ah, where the salary cap is going to be at Next year. I think that's the issue but the one name you mentioned Kenny Stills. Will fuller did Green Bay make a formal offer for will fuller. And do you think they'll now that they didn't trade for him, and I don't think they could come up with a draft pick compensation package toe. To satisfy Houston. Do you think they would be in line to buy him in the offseason? Because I'm looking at the depth chart? Davante Adams is a great player. There is no doubt and they got a lot of interesting tight ends, but they still lack that number two next to Devante. So Why didn't fuller get traded? And you think Green Bay's thinking will despise him if we can in the off season, But we've got to see where the where the salary cap is. Yeah, I don't know. I think their pride gonna stay put. It seems like they're pretty set in organizationally going back to the draft. They're going to stick with what they have at receiver. And to be fair. I mean, this offense hasn't had about the items are part of the first half. And it's been great. So you know, I think they think Alan Resort is promising is their number two guy. Um, I think they think that you know they're they're going to be sent. And I mean, well, four would have been a great addition obviously would cost them money. Would it cost the draft pick on I think about a move would be made so You know, I think they could maybe look towards the market in the weeks to come. His guys get cut Navy, But, yeah, I mean, a very sort of boring, You know, decision from the pack here. You No doubt about it. Bill bar rails join us from ESPN. We've been talking all day about Jimmy Garoppolo, and we know what we think of them locally. He's had the ankle injuries but beat up What's the national perception of Jimmy Garoppolo? I think a lot of people still think about him. It's the guy from the Super Bowl, you know, made some nice throws, but Niner certainly trust him at the end of the first half, and then you know, misstep on at the end of the game that would've won the Super Bowl, probably I mean, he's obviously a talented player, but the injuries are concerned, right. You know, it's not as if if he were Patrick Mahomes when he was healthy and just got entered a lot. OK, well, you know, obviously, the upside is there and if he was It'll be all the time. Like any mind Manning or Philip Rivers. Okay, well, he's not a deal. But, hey, you know what? He's helpful. He's healthy and he's pretty solid. There's there's a reliability there, but Certainly with health. Maybe not the feeling that people would hope for, you know, certainly guy who I think the national perception is that Kyle Shanahan, kind of you know, makes things easy. Forgive me grapple and amount That's fair, necessarily, but I think there's a lot of questions about his future. I think that You know he's seen is a guy who gives him the right people around him. Get him healthy. He can, you know kind of be the guy who was last year where the defense led them to the Super Bowl, and he was along for the ride. But I do think there's questions of what if he could be the guy who sort of pushes them forward, you know, and it's a leading every p caliber quarterback, and I don't know if he has the feeling in it. You know, we go back to the 2017 trade deadline, and Jimmy was involved in that. And there were a lot of trades that mermaid enjoying Brown got traded during that time. If they decide to put Yumi Garoppolo on the market in the offseason bill, what what kind of a return could they get? And they were all connecting the doubts because Cam's regressed whatever's going on with Cam in New England. They got state him. There could day trade him back to New England in theory, and then what kind of a return to the 40 Niners could get if they wanted to put Jimmy Garoppolo on the trade market this offseason. You mentioned the salary cap production next year, and the Patriots are gonna have a kind of cap space. But I'm not sure there's going to be a huge market for grapple. I mean, he has a $24 million based salary next year. It's a new guarantee. But obviously you know, teams are going to be a little concerned about committing to Garoppolo with that injury history and trusting him is their number one guy for a full 16 game season if the Patriots had probably value him more than anybody else, getting what they know about him. So I think Patriots would make sense as a possible trade candidate. The return I have to admit tic Niner stands might not be thrilled with what I would guess I would guess that three or four maybe a conditional pick me. Garoppolo is not gonna have a tone of trade value. If the Niners do decide to move on, So you know, I'm surprised. I don't think anyone would have expected Garoppolo would have gone to the diners for a second round pick to begin with, but NFL trades or not about talent there about leverage, and we saw that big Rob Lowe deal in the first place..

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