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Space dot com slash. Money today thematically. It all hangs together really well because tech is the big tobacco of our time. Am i right. No i don't know but kind of i am. I mean. that's the attempted punchline. Which doesn't completely land. But at the very end it turns out that he's given up on lobbying on behalf of big tobacco and now he's lobbying on behalf of technology or media or something. You know the the cell phone company. Yeah so maybe we should dig into the other aspects of the movie so join you did like i mean. This is interesting because you say that. The obvious glaring solar system notwithstanding the sort of satirical spying of the movie. You like i did. I thought that the satirical spine did a good job of cleverly telling you what is a lobbyist. What do they do. And i actually thought it was very well written. Also for the most part. I thought the lines were were pretty clever. So yeah i. The rest of the movie actually did work for me. Tell me what you raw blow in a komo. No that was awesome. I'm seeing a thumb up for that one. I mean he was really good in. This role blows so good in plays a hollywood producer. Aaron eckhart idea for like reviving tobacco's to get it back in the movies. And so he goes out to la and meets rob lowe whose hilarious and who's assistant is the kid from the oc who you know. I can't remember his name but he's hilarious and he just yes away at car his son as he's taken them to see rob lowe and he's like we love the decorations here and he looks around. He's like oh. Yeah jeff which is rob. Lowe's character jeff. Loves as shit and it's just like what and then you see him in the komo now and he's calling them really late he's like you know what time it is in japan. It's leg sixteen hours from now. It's the future going you from the future. Like he's just so proto rob lowe of parks and rec. I thought they point to the john chamberlain sculptures like. Oh yeah that was a present from matthew mcconaughey right right who. They totally did in the movie. That was very funny to. Oh yeah before. He met jeff. You is just an actor. But now he's a name or now he's thinking person star brand. Somebody says the face now. He's in asia. Yes that's a good. It was such a good matthews a tremendously talented individual in an extremely decent human being however before komo news a face those name. But i love the rob lowe character because he was even sleazy earlier than the main character than nick so the character. Nick ends up saying the end of his meeting with with rob lowe. He's like i could learn something from that guy. 'cause he has zero moral compass remember. He says that we love. You would love to have you chests just a heads up so you know you have no problem. That you're co-finance is the salton of zoo. Tom nick says oh. You mean the guy who's like being accused of murdering all his own people and Yeah.

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