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The year. But i believe that gallo you got an extra year on it and then of course the whole gleyber torres thing back can't play the field. He can't or not field that position. Yeah can't play shortstop no and your boyer shallow with a couple more errors meltdown city. Not my boy. This is not my team gala. Joel shelby's i. It's your lonzo's my boy. If i was gonna say. Hey you. Aaron judge on that bandwagon for a long time. But i i g oh yeah. That's great. I like my gio but i'm just saying to classify him and put him in a clear. Will you just mentioned the lonzo. He almost almost gave them. It's a nice win so is one for two. Rbi single his first time one. It drives this ball in the air left centerfield way back hernandez at the wall leaps up pets gone homerun number thirty pedo. Lonzo gav the mets delayed. Yes so that was good. They were three to always going well. They were on the verge of winning four out of five. And then you bring in wendy as walk. The walk base hit game over. You'll want stevenson's running keeping mitchell ground ball up the middle and door can't reach at the game is over josh bell scores and the nationals win the game. Four to three wausau face for cabo san wayne randazzo. Wcbs eight hundred eighty. He was beaten by carter key. Bom stevenson's pain in the ass. Nice suppose so even send him pinch hit had a base hit but he killed them this whole weekend. I mean the whole thing lining minds on soto what's his name blanking out on God darn it. The first baseman the first base ever zimmerman every calling on his name. There's not much there. Yeah i mean the carter key boom is exactly the face of the franchise right now and for edwin. Da to go in there and to walk is. It's i'd rather read. I'd rather see him with that lineup. Just throw you ninety nine mile. An hour flat fastball. And have someone turn on and hit it five hundred feet. I'd feel better about that than waukesha clubs. Just whatever your hairs and it's pretty much louise. Ross it here was diaz. What was your issue. That ain't gonna the Go to low in disown. Them on dos us. I get paid. Hit got hit. He sure did also have the struggles on friday. So whatever mentioned miami tonight. Carlos carrasco edward. Cabrera are the starters there a week one of the nfl cowboys bucks open up. Thursday night in tampa new is already mentioned. The zack martin covert situation. He is out so connor mcgovern will play offense guard. I believe it is Jed starting carolina's sunday giants play in denver. Giants vote their captains. You got daniel. Jones saquon barkley blake martinez. Jero peppers logan ryan grim. Gano and a lineman offensive lineman negates captain. Okay so he's not going to say. Stop with the offensive line. The texans named tyrod taylor. Their starting quarterback sunday against the jaguars does shawn watson. Yes what is happening with. Shows three man roster and supposedly. He's gonna be healthy scratch every week. I guess. so he's gonna get paid. Yes and they're not gonna show up. Yes he's going to be there in street clothes every week at somebody but it sounds like us. Matt's never happened in with one of these. What is like what category is yin. The category for him he'll just be inactive. I think i don't know i get. Yeah inactive the niners. Signed josh norman. The ravens gave mark andrews a four year extension worth fifty six million dollars and this was a weird one and i know i from reading it. I see where it came from. I guess someone somewhere along. The line used to use this when their team was terrible. Did you see the brian kelly quality. Yeah yeah yeah so then. Say mcveigh did who was yeah. They asked them about execution goes. I'm all for it. Goes what do you think about. Your team's execution.

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