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If I'm David Griffin. I want the four pick. I want one of those forwards and I want Lonzo ball because if I got Zion running down the floor. I know that Lonzo ball, makes wings better. So I think you have to, I don't think they're making that movie the Lakers, unless lonzo's part of that package. Now, do you believe? You can't make a deal until the season's over. Do you think this deal with Anthony Davis would happen sooner than later, like when would you suspect the timeline would be here? I wouldn't be surprised if it happens before the drive all day, but I, I don't expect I would be highly surprised if this extended out late into the AUSSIE. So my Raines, I'm, I'm thinking for a move like this. If you have, you know, New Orleans wants to move on David Griffin wants to move on. Do you know this is his this is his this is his time now this, this ten so, you know, I, I think he's gonna look out there. These these these, these offers gonna come in quick and aggress. It does Anthony Davis. You know just the time to do it before the draft. So I wouldn't be surprised if it happened around on, but I wouldn't expect this to extend deep into deep into the off season at all, by the way, you're covering the finals Klay Thompson. The MRI confirmed. He has a hamstring strain, Chris, that tells me even if he comes back, he'll never be fully healthy for the series. Isn't that your takeaway? Yeah. I don't. Think I don't think you can, you know, I saw them after the game. He actually told me that he can't see himself missing tomorrow night's game. And when he was after the game in the locker room, you know, he was stretching that, that hamstring out and just yelling that time you know with the pain with certain movements of his leg. And so, that's when you knew was was quite, you know, pretty pretty stubborn say that serious, but it was it was it was a native concern. But he felt like he felt like he was going to be able to give it a go to the warriors or call questionable right now. So we'll see. But I'll tell you right now with with Katie and Klay Thompson, if they're not available for game three mad at that puts the wars, and the dire state that they never been in store in the sample, super no question. Chris Haines great stuff NBA insider, Yahoo sports. Thanks, Chris Collin, Collin. I would I want to mention Vinson the media game but media game we put together that's going to be live streamed on T Mobile's on there. Twitter account metro.

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