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A lot of meals delivered all over it as well. So I'm gonna follow Bill already on Twitter that our fates bill, This is radio from hell on X 96. All right, Let's see. It's a sum 40 eights in time to a ward round one of your boners and round one of the boner voting is brought to you. In part by Uh, hope food dish was kind of I like tofu, Cashew tofu, something something and Big T. Yeah, so, but our candidate number one Was lock her up. Newly elected Congress woman from Colorado. Gun toting Q and on believing Lauren Bo Burt. Tweeting out to the people. Rioting at the Capitol. Nancy Pelosi no longer in the House, letting them know what's going on location, basically letting letting everyone know her location. Uh, Number two things are so tough for poor little baloney that one got that got a few votes. Allowing more people into the wave. Came in a distant third. The winner was number one. Lock her up. Lauren Bobo. Okay, That's the winner of round ones voting. It now goes forward to Boehner Fight. It might be boner of the day around to coming up in a 23 more. Three different candidates will take a winner. There is well. Take both winners and put them against each other. And you will decide. Of those two. Which one should be boner of the day. We'll do that at 9 20 this morning, Okay? All right. Let's see. I think we have made on the phone doing the following is a sponsored feature. Mr MacDonald, How are you? And well, How are you all were all still well, at this point. Yeah. Natives with the state of Utah. The Coronavirus task force, and I know you want tol people let people know that the P p p. What is that, said Paid paid Check protection program. Yes. Yeah. Round. Yes, don't, huh? It is going and so this is a that is dedicated for really this year. They're they're hoping and focusing more on small businesses. This includes, you know so proprietors, independent contractors. You know a Knopper to Nitti. If your business hasn't been able to pick back up, it's been heavily impacted by the pandemic to build to get to mate here payment. The P P P loans are due. The FDA program and And it's a way that's really helping businesses. She we've still got a little more time. Hopefully, before things wraps up here, the vaccine really kicks in and in these P P p loans are just there to really help businesses. But they need to stand this last these last few months how two people apply. How tow business people apply for those Nate. So you know you go directly through your bank on If your bank doesn't have isn't set up to do it. You can reach out and get a list of the banks that are through go to grown. A virus site YouTube Taka poured flash business. And that we have a team set up. We call him the rapid response team for business. It's and just clicked on that link. If you have any questions, you need any support this team of individuals that are trained that know all the Internets of the P P. P program are there to help you walk you through the program get you where you need to be. So we hope that the businesses that are really struggling can take advantage of this. All right, Nate, we have a new governor Spencer Cox, and he's He's taken office and he's coming and he's going up. Right? Come on, Come on. We got to get this moving that Z. These vaccines. We've got to get this ramped up. It's going to slow. Um how? What has he done? Is it working is our things Going along faster now. Yeah. I mean, I think every state in the country then it's been a slower process than they had hoped. I'm getting the vaccine out. You know, from distribution to getting him in arms and And Yeah, Governor Cox is really put. You know an emphasis on it to really work with all of the health department and state and all of our providers who are who are distributing the vaccine? T Get it out, Togut. The kinks worked out to get him. In the arms and it's moving. It is really we were moving quickly, and, you know, I think I saw a report yesterday with where over 100,000. People have gotten the vaccine and arms that they have that they contribute so far, and they expect that to grow quickly up to over 200,000 and Or moving fast and right now, those who are eligible or health care professionals, I mean, really have your health care professional Hancock the vaccine. Please. Please go get it. You know they were the first ones lto eligible for it. First responders, So right now, teachers are able to now get their appointments scheduled to their local health department. On def You don't know how to contact the local department get. Just go to the coronavirus that you talked back of website. Click on vaccines. All the information is there. Um And then if you have questions about the vaccine, we know that some people just have questions. Is it safe? They skip any stabs. There's quite there are answers to all those questions to help you understand? Come in different flavors that I asked. I went to see if it came in different flavors, But, yeah, I want a watermelon flavor vaccine, but no, it didn't have. That s O. So I went to the Salt Lake County Health Department website. And it was pretty clear there what you needed to do, it said. You know, right now what you just said. First responders, healthcare workers, teachers, you are you should be getting the vaccine now and then, it says People 70 years of age and older. You're next in line. We don't have appointments set up yet that says Check back on. Forget what it was. I think tomorrow like the 13th or something. Check back will have appointment schedules ready and you can apply right here on on on our website of Solly County Health Department. Now, hopefully and then and then I think the feeling is or the idea is and correct me if I'm wrong..

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