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Oh yeah oh i have i not that this is going to sound but i had so much excess early in my career so much and then it went away just one day just stopped making i was like i remember being tampa civic park is it penn pacific park one on the one on third across street from the the yeah i i think think so there wasn't pan pacific park it was like i remember my business manager was like you need to book a commercial or something like good money and i was like that's not how he's like do commercial just go yeah i'll just to one of your fucking mind yeah and i was like i guess i gotta get on the road and i tell my manager at the time who still one of my good friends i was like i was like i need the on the road and he was like i didn't get in this business to book fucking the chuckle hut in wisconsin i got in this business to make your movie star and my head i was like i am so far away from that right that i need to have some ford movement yeah and i went from there from that point like it was like five hundred bucks a week to host then you jump up to feature seven hundred bucks week then you get into headliner you're getting twelve hundred bucks week and thirteen the next year fourteen the next year right if teen the next year and just getting to the place where it's like seen people make it so not effortlessly i don't mean to disregard someone's talent or work ethic or right or skill but i've seen people take the path i was on and i remember those and it's almost like this manifesto this is how it works i'm really like right right and then to know to see the failure.

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