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Fate. I have wrestled with an alligator. I don't tussle. What a whale out of handcuff lightning throw thunder in jail. It's bad. Only last week, I murdered a rock Angeles stone hospitalized a brick. I'm so mean I make medicine Shit. Do Dad fast, fast. Asked last night to cut the light off my bedroom hit. The switch was in the bed for the room was dog. You better fast better. And you, George Foreman, All you chumps going about when I with him, all of you. I know you've got him. I know you got him picked The man's in trouble. I'm gonna show you how great I am beloved. I lay there. Sick burns on George Foreman. We've just been talking six friends. We lost Charlie Wilson there, but don't worry. We still got Mohammed Ali. Tony. Thank you for your time. I should specify of course. Mohammed Ali went on to win that fight against George Foreman to all those sick burns. Big talk. Proved correct. It's 40 minutes to seven. Coming up. Now the garage sales are finally back after covert. Not after covered. I should say it still during covert, but they're back legally. There's plenty of stuff around the house to get rid off. But for the ABC is broadcasted James. Finally something which had very little value, which was a clay, a kidney he made in grade four. Has become so much more and indeed Priceless. He'll tell us more about that after the news headlines with PETA lasted. Thank you. Peter. Thanks Sammy, The U. S company. Madonna says it has reached a deal with the federal government to provide a strategy with 25 million doses of its covert 19 vaccine. Those authorities say more than 40 tests from T one exposure. Science have come back negative for covert 19 after a Victorian man tested positive on Tuesday, and after 19 years on American TV host Ellen did generous, will enter talk show next year. Have more news at seven o'clock Virginia tree Ali do we describe that There is a high level of aggression from the parent body.

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