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One. I'm Eric Roy with KCRW headlines. The son of the CEO of a medical laboratory was charged with killing his parents and a housekeeper in their home in a gated community in Newport Beach, the Orange County district attorney's offices Twenty-seven-year-old Camden Nicholson was charged with three counts of murder and other crimes Nicholson was due to be arraigned sometime today in the jail courtroom in Santa Ana the victims have been identified by OC. Sheriff's investigators have sixty four year old Richard Nicholson, sixty one year old Kim Nicholson and fifty seven old Maria moors of Anaheim, Mr Nicholson was the CEO of the Irvine based west Pacific, medical laboratory, California, attorney general have you are suing the Trump administration over today's declaration of a state of emergency on the US Mexico. Border of free speech group is suing the attorney general for refusing to release. Police records has called for under a new police transparency law the northern California based first amendment coalition is trying to force him to release records pertaining to dishonesty misconduct shootings involving sworn agents. The State Department of Justice coalition executive director, David Snyder says the attorney general doesn't have a choice under the law called Senate Bill fourteen twenty one by Senator says the law does not cover police records from before this year. Snyder disagrees argument that there is set forth in the law is I think it'd be Canada stretch and having the unfortunate effect of delaying access. It should be prompted should have already happened the union that represents rank and file Los Angeles. Police officers has won a court order temporarily blocking the release of LAPD records dating back before January first San Bernardino county sheriff's deputies got a similar court order and an off-duty Los Angeles. Police officer was severely beaten during an attempted robbery on skid row that entity gunfire around three thirty AM yesterday. An LAPD statement says it occurred around six hundred in San Juan street near the entrance to the midnight mission the off duty detective and the suspect were taken to the hospital both in critical condition. The LAPD has not identified the detective nor have investigators explained what that up to the violence. Since it's one thirty three more press plays on the way KCRW..

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