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I you know, what is I put it on a desk sometime like crunches? I saw my doctor Dr Wade van Cise yesterday operator my elbow for less time. This guy's awesome. By the way. If you're in Palm Beach disguise terrific, really, fix my elbow little sort today only because I keep leaning on the table. But I saw a great guy the nicest bedside manner ever to that's important with a doctor. You know, I gotta give them a great win. When do you get the baling wire and stuff that's holding you together? I mean, the baling wire three years three years. Yes. It's a scaffold. It's like a project into Waldorf in New York. Yeah. You ever go up to New York the rapid they're working on the Waldorf scaffoldings up. It's like a seven year product. They'll take it out. Eventually. Yeah. I gotta go back. Like, no puppet, right? I got a little puppet. Master like operate me from behind the scenes. That's Paula follows behind the scenes with the puppet a little crush, right? It makes sense Joe. All right moving on deranged. Joe Armacost, you listen this legal immigration situation has gotten entirely out of control and. I'm laughing only because the Trump administration gives exactly zero fill in the expletive. There is your about anything. The media says so leaked yesterday that there was some talk in the White House of a plan, which I think frankly is a brilliant plan to re release illegal immigrants into America's sanctuary cities. I think the plant is brilliant. Now, it's what's incredible is instead of the democrat celebrating this plan. The Democrats are furious. And the media's painting this like, it's a bad thing. I'm gonna explain to you at a second. Why the media is blowing up its own spot and Democrats, and they don't even know it Joe it just to set up before this is going to be a cut of Houlihan Castro running for president. He's running. He was on CNN townhall furious about this plan about releasing illegal immigrations into sanctuary cities where they'd be free free. Joe? What's the problem who and Castro's really really mad play that under report in the Washington Post at the Trump administration pressure? The department of homeland security to release immigrants detained at the border into so-called sanctuary cities in part to retaliate against Democrats who oppose Trump's plans for a border wall. Give me your reaction to that. So that the cruelty of this administration never seems to end. A year ago? This administration told us that as Americans if we would just be cruel enough to separate little children from their parents that that would deter more families from coming to our southern border. And in fact, the opposite has happened. And so it's amazing what lengths are going to. Now, they're talking about, you know, bussing families two particular cities to target political opponents. These folks want us to choose cruelty as a weapon against these people and against political opponents and last week, I released a immigration plan. I'm calling on Americans to choose compassion. Not cruelty. This not get Hooley in Castro how he's decimating his argument. So let's be by the way again, I can't support this plan enough. If they could legally make it happen. This works for everyone. Joe, let's walk through this logically. Okay. So if you're a sanctuary city what you're suggesting is immigration laws, though matter. Yeah. You've created a sanctuary from US sanctuary city. That's what the term means you've created a haven for people who enter the country in violation of our laws. They don't care about our immigration laws. They just walk in fly in overstay, whatever it may be. You're telling them those laws don't matter here. I wrote some things down you'll be taking care of you'll get a defacto amnesty. You'll get subsidized college government benefits, and in some places they're suggesting you should even be able to vote. What's the problem? Why why is this cruelty? You just played by words that's on Castro democrat running for president. This is cruel grow Cruella. Who Joe now Joe I'm asking for a logical? Enter is it cruel is let me just phrase this in a question. Maybe it'll make more sense. Okay. Dan, Joe, do you think it would be using Houlihan? Cashier's words more cruel to put any legal immigrant in a community. That has that is follows immigration lots likely to deport them immediately. Yeah..

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