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That but they were all came from four seinfeld so like this was a very hacked joke the seinfeld was doing the idea of like by news in a hack joke because i think that the bob sacramento thing had been established where bob's ya manno gets you know all at that's not a us safe as strat that's a rat hat you know right exactly that's drone so that you get the knock off staff from bob sack amana so i don't think that was a specifically ripped off joke a might but ultimately my biggest blamed the episode as you could have done some really fun things with with daryll accra allain's boyfriend and you know you could that could have been really funny story line with like you know maybe like very risk aaa like risky um like oh i thought he was you know this race because x and i just thought they missed it like you have the rap music at the beginning but i think you could really gone much further with it and they didn't really at that of the park aci all right keiv let's get into our seinfeld mail bag seinfeld at postshow recap stock com jiji said era rights shout out to daniel day kim of future lost in hawaii five oh fame as student number one i did not catch that natural enjoy these vera also wanted to know why is kramer afraid to fight back against mickey or the unable to fight back mickey is always kicking is bought i think that's just the joke i think it's a joke it's not a great look like rims do he tore them but yeah i think the joke is that mickey's always just beat him up crimson a violent man giovanni also once asked about maki was mickey better or worse on this rewatta as a character as this a series rapper mc years he back for the finale i believe we see make you will more time yeah.

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