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Senator jason report from the great state of arkansas we will have more on that story at toddstarnes dot com in the meantime we were looking for bill cosby we didn't know what happened to the guy well now we know he just walked out his attorney went to the microphone just briefly and the attorney says the fights dot over so they're gonna so that would that would imply he's we will just assuming that they're going to appeal but mr cosby bill cosby just got into a looks like a suburban and no it's not a bronco no it's not a white brunt no it's not a white bronco the the the helicopter shots are already up art they producer john when you just said that this shot looks just just like it i feel like i'm gonna timewarp it's what did i tell you this was going to be this was going to be oj asked and certainly is so they helped cosby into the into the van and they are still part and people there are police that are actually guarding the vehicle as the reporters are screaming questions and the attorney by the way i did i did not realize this kospi's attorney is the same guy who who represented michael jackson back in the day so there so there you go gloria allred.

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