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Mike Reese, so hi, Mike. What do you think? What do you think of the whole gronk thing? We're waiting each day to find out what his future will be. How will that impact? How things play out here in the off season. Well, susie. You know, they were going to look at tight end regardless of what gronkowski decided. And now, you know, if he ever retired that would go to a higher level. I will tell you though, one thing boots to the ground here in New England gronkowski's actually been reporting to the facility a couple of times over the last couple of weeks. Whether that means he's coming back or not I don't think we can go that far, but it does reflect reflected he's in a good state of mind right now coming up this season. Teddy talked about Bill Belichick being a little different in the playoffs. Well, rob gronkowski as well. He seemed very happy leading into the Super Bowl. And after that game. What I'd say about gronkowski. If he's going to the facility over those last two weeks, I would say it's for treatment. Because definitely he took a big shot on the guy, and he said himself, it's swelled up and those type of contusions when you get hit on them without you still need those you still need those treatment. I would say I've been in those meetings with coach Bela check when a season ends. And he says this is an. Very emotional time or I don't make decisions within the next few weeks. That's what he's told them already. I know he's told them in that meeting. I know gronkowski hurt him. He's referenced it. Also, he's letting the emotions dissipate a touch see how sti- field Seattle's body feels. But I know there are points during this year Suzy, Ron Cousy was beat up, and he was beat up to the point where he was no, you can always tell but with around, rob. He's got a joy about him. Is you can just tell this. He's happy. He's join ful on this is this is put ball, and I love it. And if that's gone, that's what he'll start redetermined what he wants to do. All right as we await the answer to that. Mike. What's the biggest priority? Then for the receiving core. Well, you mentioned it you have Chris HOGAN, Phillip door set and Cordeiro Patterson all scheduled for unrestricted free agency. And you look back at how the patriots handled last season they traded for Josh, Gordon and all three of those players were already on the roster. And that told you they felt like they needed an upgrade last season. So I expect the patriots to look hard at the wide receiver position around the league weather Hogan's back door sets, backer Patterson, regardless of that that's going to be a position that seems to be a top priority for them this op seats, I love to see Patterson back. They have an extra dimension with him. They used tailback. I mean, he's a kick returner a lot of different things. He can do. I love to see him back. They'd have to retool definitely along that receiving core. Once again, this is a domino of the gronkowski decision. Because you can the slot receiver. Okay. It's Troy Troy Brown. Danny amendola, Julian Edelman, those type of guys. Now, there's only one. Bronc hausky. Okay. You don't just replace a guy like that a guy that can be have that type of receiving production and still be a blocker. If rob decides to retire. This offense is going to change dramatically and maybe they load up on more receiving threats. Let's flip over to the defensive side and Mike their sack leader for twenty eighteen Trey flowers, unrestricted free agent. How do you see that playing out? Well, susie. There's a lot of pride in the organization of how Trey flowers developed for them a fourth round pick out of Arkansas played only four snaps as a rookie, and then has emerged into a core player for them. And he's everything this program really represents in the sense of he puts the team first. He's quiet. He doesn't make waves off the field. And he's a very good player who's versatile and can play a lot of different techniques along the defensive line. What's going to be interesting to watch his free agency unfold is how there's more patriots influence around the NFL. Brian Florida's in Miami. Matt Patricia in Detroit, you could say Mike rebel in Tennessee. Bill O rien Houston does their presence..

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