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America was having a difficult time in the 70s. The social unrest that began in the 60s morphed from flower power to street riots. There was the failure of Vietnam, the shameful and criminal actions of a president in an economy suffering from stagnation, unemployment, and inflation, the country was on edge, and some felt it personally. The new podcast American hostage explores this moment. Set an Indianapolis in 1977, American hostage is a suspenseful true story, starring John Hamm as Fred heckman, a beloved local radio reporter, who is forced into the middle of a life or death crisis when a hostage taker, Tony caritas, demands to be interviewed live on heckman's radio program. And as a result of the interview, caritas gradually becomes a media sensation and an unexpected national hero during a nail biting 63 hour police standoff. You're about to hear a preview of American hostage. While you're listening, follow American hostage wherever you get your podcasts, or you can binge the entire season right now on Amazon music or wandering plus. The 7 second delay for live television was introduced in 1975 by NBC so that Richard Pryor could host Saturday Night Live without the network getting fined for all of his obscenities. The delay would also be useful we discovered if a man were to be shot point blank. In the head, live on national television. And this is the dudes of the day Tuesdays. February 8th, 1970. Indianapolis, 9-1-1, what's your emergency? Yes, this the police? This is 9-1-1 dispatch. Yes, sir lieutenant colonists there. No, sir. Before you got there, who you got there, ranked high enough to take this call. I can help you, sir. If you can tell me what you stand up, do you think I won't do it, you stupid son of a bitch. All right. All right, I'm gonna tell you now, and you're gonna listen good and I don't repeat myself so you listen up now, you understand? Yes, I'm listening. All right. I've done a thing. A real serious statement, the kind of thing you are used to hearing about our bet. I've taken a prisoner, and I've got them here while shotgun battle strapped to the back of his head. And the saint no crank call. You understand me. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. I understand, but you say you've got something wired up a shotgun. I've got a real deal, 12 gauge shotgun wired up to the back of his hand and anything happens to me. It goes off. And if he moves it goes off and I gotta show there's a hundred ways to go off and only one way, don't. And that's keeping me alive and good. You understand. I understand. And they say no crank call. Yes, sir. This is not a crime. I don't ever have much for anyone to take. And these motherfuckers find some way to take it all, and I'm mad as hell. I swear to God, he's almost as good as dead. He's never been closer to dead than he is right now. Can you please talk to me and lower the guy? I'm talking to you, sir. And I lower the gun. He's got one. One's all I want. If you need to call, is who I got? The son of a bitch. Sir. Now I'm a mad mean motherfucker lady. I understand I'm the real deal. Yes, sir, I understand the real deal. I'm sorry, I gotta bother you all like this, but it ain't right, please tell me where you are. One 29 kingdom street. And you said? One 29 can't and street on the fourth floor and big calls office, and I'm going to tell you again the way he got this wired is you killed me, you kill him. My hand goes back on my fingers go limp and he's even shotgun shells at a back of his head. I swear to God. I understand so we're going to send over some of our fellas and see what we're going to get before. And we're sending police on their way. You've got the fucking right. Radio Indiana. W IBC. Indianapolis..

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