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Got to at least the right tackle skill set for them if not a left tackle skill set and we had to get a tackle in here, right? We had to get somebody that could add some developmental upside the play tackle in the long term start to tackle. I think at the worst you get a guy that's a really good third tackle at the best you get a left tackle in the middle is right tackle. So I think that that's checks a box and that's okay. Yeah, I mean, you're not necessarily counting on him. Unlike those top three guys, we're probably gonna apply and probably gonna have to play. Yes. You're not counting on walker necessarily in 2022, which is fine. The idea is when I say win leaves next year, you have a guy you can slide into left tackle can start week one and you don't have to go essentially with the year to develop and you're using a top 100 pick on that position this year instead of a top 50 pick on him next year. Right. Okay, so Josh job we both really like Josh job physical press man outside corner from Alabama. I think what I liked so much about this double dip is that I think job despite some of his shortcomings, right? And he does have some speed limitations. He's not fast. He does struggle a little bit down the field on vertical routes when he's not jamming guys at the line of scrimmage, but despite those deficiencies, if they have to hold off on playing Zion for a little bit, then I think Josh job is somebody that can play right away. So the one thing I'd ask you, how much did Josh joke did you watch from 2020? A little bit because yeah, his 2020 tape is definitely better. For sure. Specifically, you mentioned the speed. He played through a foot injury most of last year. That's true. And I think that impacted it. So here's why Josh job falls..

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