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He's. The Guy said we had no shift in this one jiffy swallow where the worst but the the both of them said that they we had evidence that donald trump conspired with the Russians both of them said that to their I mean the the idea that there's no punishment for that. We start doing a bit on the show at the end of shows we could start calling their offices and ask him for the evidence there another this is all over. Can I see that <hes> <hes> that evidence yeah no but then they once they're called on it and once the thing came out I mean I remember Swale was on a Bill Maher. Show it was right before it was when it was like the night that Muller announced the the investigation was wrapping up and that there would be no further indictments and if you remember if you can put yourself back in that time space two days earlier. Maybe the former head of the C._I._A.. John Brennan Annan guilty of treason arming al-Qaeda. He said there were GonNa be more indictments that you were going to see Don Jr. go to jail. You'RE GONNA see trump's family. Get indicted. You're gonNA see trump indicted. They were so everybody so when it came out that there were no further indictments you hadn't hadn't yet heard you know no collusion or conspiracy or any of that but it was like Oh wait what this already doesn't sound right and so and Bill Maher said something like you know swallow who is one of the guys who was like saying we we we have the evidence of this he said did we put too much faith in Muller like what what do you mean no more indictments. I thought all of trump's family and I thought they were all going down and swallow goes well I. I don't need indictments to know what I've seen seen in plain sight. I've seen you know I all you need is a twitter account to know there was collusion and he falls right back onto this just bullshit talking point and it's like Oh okay I can see how much the public like that guy for. How long is presidential campaign last yeah he already? I had to drop out there is still seventy five people running for the Democratic nomination and he already had to bow. Here's the first one to drop right. I believe so I don't know I think so I think like when Marianne Williamson is still in there and her fucking budget plan John is more crystals in the White House. That's a you know you did a bad job and I'm not even familiar with that. She's like the new age hustling power crystals that give you strength. I don't know if they put them in the White House. They make better decisions. I'll honest is probably a better budget than the one that <hes> just past might not so I can't I I'm not completely against it. Bring better fives the White House with ice crystals hoops. I'll be honest. I'm almost sold. She almost has if tolsey drops out she might be. The Democrat uh-huh yeah woohoo crystal girl doesn't seem to have much of an opinion on war but <hes> you know she's better than the rest all right. I think we can leave the episode there. I wanted to come in to talk about this. This seem to me to be you know I. I know we've talked about this story a lot not <hes> but I think it's justified. I I really think this is like one of the biggest historical events that I've lived through in my life. I think almost like up there with nine. Eleven eleven the war in Iraq like just the big shit that I've lived through my life even Clinton being impeached. I mean Clinton being impeach was nothing compared to this. This was a clear attempted coup by deep upstate unelected bureaucrats and spies to get rid of a guy to unseat a duly elected president because quite simply..

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