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Would that he would keep drinking and so a lot of stuff i he may not remember you know there have been times when like literally we have vote worse the worst night ever like worst night ever will wake up the next day it's like it never won't even innovative pissing i place gadgets came up just come up he wants to about ours like yeah so 'cause they're talking about the whole situation chris brown day when pitch a whole business there about nine situations like ridden what i don't know it was weird locally said i don't want 'em people think that you know we we attack are like that if that's true that's true speak truth is more like what the time then thomas so weird towers is the suspect right exactly that's what that was and i was just like what did i come fall who was in china the sometime near should as much gallons in the forgotten arco desert whether you also made it a not they they're working on it they were gonna work as far dr fan that truly still true am might not be sold out they use that will give but it's the most that paid him cygnus exactly 'cause a lot old hands as like forties fifties yeah yeah yeah that you for me i used to a lot of our so they buy tickets so he he opposes tweet match long though on those yet seen but he posted tween with him tirees as got pipped.

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