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I know that you're jonas artisan spot where they very much like him and they trust him. And i think that's the biggest thing with that position you've got to be able to trust that guy and they know those running backs that people don't ever think about it but the running backs are really the last line of defense against the pass rush. You don't want somebody out there that can pick up the blitz especially in their down situation. So that's what you're gonna look out with those guys. But i think they really impressed on the ground. I think they have done at the same in practice on trae with a ridiculous juke. A spin move on dallin levitt the other day that broke his ankles a whole. That the whole you know sideline jumping so are those impressive camp. But it's it's all about how they try much. Trust them in the passing game. And the other thing jim in charlotte. Listen this is not. It's not a minor thing. Look around the league. And you're hearing you know. Vaccination might be the tiebreaker and a lot of cases So if you're looking at two guys that are of equal potential value in one has a big cap. It like not a big it but for a guy in that position of fairly substantial Salary and is not vaccinated. it could come into play. So it's definitely something to monitor. Cindy gruden cindy gruden back. We're back you know really quickly. That's a great point by adam. Because here's the thing. It's a young offensive line in spots. So they're going to struggle sometimes in the passing game in terms of protecting car. Such a great point batum because you cannot have a young offense of our initiative inexperience off the sign in spots. And then not have a guy who can't pick up the blitz so that's a bad combination so adams right they i'm sure they trust jalen rashard so eight off your dreams. You probably need to keep doing that stuff as well. Other than just kinda scoring touch and all back into say listened to the to the sound bite from grew about those is. He was obviously very impressed yet. But noticed one thing. He said they picked up the blitz. They're watching and that's what they're noticing so. I'm not saying they can't do it. It's going to be about what that film shows and how they do that. The next couple of i wanted to talk to you briefly touch on this but the inexperienced offensive line coming together playing a little bit for the first time. We didn't see you know all of them in full series. But we saw a little bit arrives with like andre. James alex leatherwood. What did you think about those guys in their performance tonight. I you know. I thought they were finding the first the first quarterback adam said it's a it's an exhibition game. I don't think they you know. I don't think nate. Nate peterman got killed So it's just so hard to gauge things in an exhibition this. What if they're playing against twos and threes I you know what. I think. I think we should to make more determination on weight. Sue jon gruden says disease. Even said i gotta watch the tate. He kind of you know paused on that kind of question..

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