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That would justify your disagreement on curious about that because i've been accused of say many things that i actually didn't say and so i'm just wondering if it was actually something i stand or if it's something that i'd be reported to say which little known fact mind not a forward and the forward not written by dr peterson lizzy that's that is a good question i was wondering that as well not to put it on the spot yeah i mean i guess i just when if someone was to ask me to use a pronoun i would just use ed but i know that your position was more about compelled speech and i think i just didn't see it as an issue but i mean now that i was brought in to a meeting where they said i violated bill see sixteen now now there's been articles written that have been analyzed and whether i actually did by late that law it has changed my mind a bit and but also i mean i do need to look into these laws too because you know this this was a class did you read the young tearing human rights commission policies because what happened was that when the law was passed that the law itself looks pretty innocuous because it is it looks innocuous but if you read the surrounding policies on the ontario human rights commission website which the federal government explicitly stated would be used as guidelines for turkey ding see 60 in a late fake later took doubt then it'll make your hair stand on yet because it it absolutely not only opens the door to the sorts of things that happen to you but it positively invites the and branded costs meant a legal expert hypothetically that i debated last year you'll see sixteen was also asked about your case and instead of saying on categorically that what you did was not illegal she said that it would be a stretch for the law to be interpreted in that matter which is much different than her original position by the way yeah and so and i don't think it's a stretch and all be on tearing human rights commission policies are so apollo it bed.

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