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There's a in Los Angeles Times story that you reference in the book the Unapologetic Warrior and in it the manual reference Doug's I back. He says Young Marines didn't enlist to get money to go go to college. They joined the Marines to be part of a legacy. Being that was true for you. Absolutely I mean you. The Marine Corps has a very strong organizational culture and I listen. I think thank everyone I know who joined the Marines. They join for a variety of reasons but one thing you do opt into when you join is this culture and part of that culture is a legacy so you know when we were going to fight and Faludji I remember three days before the battle. The <hes> Math Marine expeditionary for sergeant major who is basically the senior enlisted Marine Alva rat came and talked to all of the assault battalions and you know one of the things he told us was like what you are going to go. Do is just like what the Marines did Bellawood in the first World War Guadalcanal and Iwojima and the Second World War Chosin Reservoir and Korea and way city and Vietnam this battle is going to become part of the marine cores legacy. That's only one component opponent what that battle net and with that experience mad but from an organizational perspective certainly I think it's became part of the the legacy and obviously the battle history of the Marine Corps curate that your company commander told you two two weeks into the battle that you are both the luckiest and unluckiest to be going into that battle so soon into your service why was that I think it kind of gets at the duality of these experiences I kind of call them in the book the it but for me that it was combat in Iraq and Afghanistan so I think what my company commander who when he said those words to me was you know all thirty two years old and seemed infinitely old and wise because I was all twenty five <hes> what he meant was is that you know right out at the gate would when I came into the Marine Corps my experience was was participating in this battle and that nothing I ever did would <hes> live up to that and that was why I was unlucky in that Vike coppee perceived in somebody who truth the rest of my time in the Organization would be a letdown compared to this but I was lucky because I got to participate in that and I think those words prove true in the duality behind those words also proved true in that experience is one that I'm you know I'm very proud of but at the same time you know there's a lot of regret I lost a lot of friends influenza. I wanted to bring us back again to November tenth which is also the birthday of the Marines and explain what it feels like to be going into that kind of battle <hes> well yes so talking about the culture November. Tenth is the Marine Corps Birthday so as they say November tenth seventeen seventy five. That's when my Marine Corps came alive. You know you remember these things and <hes> one of the ceremonies marines do anywhere they are whether they're at the Pentagon or at the barracks at eighth and I in Washington D._C.. Wearing their dress uniforms or whether or not there in deployed halfway around the world going to a battle is you <hes> you read lead the cosmonauts message but the current cosmonauts message and the General Jonny Lee Jun who was the first comment to celebrate the birthday and you eat a piece of birthday cake and so we were sitting there November tenth two thousand four all loaded up both <hes> in about a dozen with a call Amtrak's which these armored personnel carriers early early in the morning really come almost the middle of the night getting ready to go right into flu Asia and <hes> you know where we were handing out these little bits of birthday..

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