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The gym. Bohannon short 18665 Oh, Jimbo 18665054626. And, uh, we'll take some calls here just a second, But we're talking with John Cast Erotic. He is an Army veteran. Several tours in Afghanistan, a special operations combat veteran. How did you become a candidate for public office? It's a long story, Jim, but, uh you know, I've spent my entire adult life serving this great nation. I met my beautiful wife lost my beautiful wife, Christie. She actually still serves within the intelligence community. I've got seven combat deployments under special operations command and within the intelligence community. And you know this past year has been particularly tough for many of us. You know, with the covid pandemic, it shuttered our economy. And we watched last summer's Democrats rioted and burned cities across this great nation. And then on January six, similar lawlessness came to our capital, You know, the beacon of hope. And democracy known around the world. You know, we have a hyper partisan legislative body continuing to divide us day by day in our lowest number of veterans serving in Congress since World War two And Jim Book when I was on the regional task force hunting down the Benghazi attack network, who as you know, On September, 11 2012 attacked our diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya, killing four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. It didn't matter what political allegiances you held. It did matter what ethnicity. You were, what religion you practiced. We came together and accomplish the mission. And it's time that we patriots hold our elected officials accountable and replace them with Americans who can come together and work for the American people. And that's how I my wife and operate about it. And that's why I'm running for Congress. Alright, 18665 Jim bows with James in Danbury, Connecticut. Good evening. From how are you doing? Good evening to your guest and yourself. And I just want to say this before I ask my question. I listen to a lot of talk radio when you were a fair and just man, Everybody gets there say it's not a lopsided. So you listening to your shows President Fresh air. Thank my question would be though everybody is making it seem like Joe Biden gave more that equipment given the fact that we didn't know what to 11 days later that they were gonna bail For whatever reason. I think one of your guests was saying that the I guess the high end command gave the pull him to step down. But I mean, when should that equivalent be? One should have that It couldn't be taken out. And why did we give him such high tech equipment as opposed to secondary equipment? Alright, a good points. Obviously that we provided them with the equipment. We thought it would be necessary to keep them in power. And now we are told by the Pentagon that some of the equipment was in fact sabotaged before The U. S military pulled out but again as to the advanced, uh, a warning of of just how we should have known that the the president of Afghanistan would be a spooked by a false rumor. And bail with the car loads of American cash again. You tell me, John Castellani should the administration have been able to figure that out that there was always a strong possibility of the government collapsed. Yes, doing so so quickly Should they have known that It works. I think when, when? In July when Biden was asked, you know, is the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan inevitable? You know, he responded with, you know, the Afghans have 300,000 well equipped troops. Uh, look Either think he was, you know, one of the worst informed president of all time or he just flat out lied to the American public. I've been on the ground of trained these guys and you can I challenge all of you to Google Afghan Ghost Army. Look at the end of the day. The combating terrorists Terrorism Center at West Point released a study this January that concluded that the A and B s. F. The Afghan National security forces have an on hand. Army fighting force of about 96,000 soldiers strong right. The corruption was so ripe in Afghanistan, the M O D Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Interior That they would create fake task Aras, which are Social Security numbers, because look, let's face it, or tax dollars doors in mind, Jim. We paid for the salaries of the Afghan army. We paid for their uniforms. We paid for their weapons We paid for their air support. We provided it. At the end of the day, the Afghan army barely got paid on time, and when they got paid, there was a tax collected. So these corrupt leaders in power they created fake Social Security is known as mascara. And created a ghost army. We paid the salaries for all these folks, and they didn't exist. And I can assure you And I'll tell you guys right here right now. These Afghan led operations were not at all Afghan led because only about 10% of that 96,000 and I only trained can Dax, which are special operation Afghan. They've been doubly vetted. They went through a selection process. And and we use them and operations, but they wouldn't even clearer building. You know, we would always have to go in and clear the building. They're not willing to fight. We've relay this up The chain of command. It's been noted. It's been documented The intelligence community is putting out has been putting out reports on this. For a decade. I mean, even when you have your combating terrorism center in January of 2021, acknowledging there's only 96,000 real troops accounted for. So look. It's a failure at all levels, so equipment or not the equipment too extensive to bring home we decided we were going to leave it, But when you take away the tactical And the logistical support that we provided via the air in via the logistic line. The Afghan army was stranded, and so it goes back to tribalism. Their village elder And Norris carriage in Helmand province says Hey, put down your guns. I don't want bloodshed here. We're gonna fly the Taliban flag. Now That's what happens at the end of the day. That's what happens and that's what happened. And that's why it happened in 15 to 20 days. Alright to, uh Sharon and Crane, Missouri. Hello, Sharon. And hello to your desk, Um, a comment and then I'd like his opinion on something. Um This whole thing boils down to follow the money. Unfortunately, No. What do you think of the Biden helping kick? I hope I say this right Chizik stand Building a border wall. When he even close the border here in the United States..

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