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Is white house correspondent for mcclatchy who focuses on immigration and foreign affairs welcome to one i franko great to be here let's begin with this ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo it has quickly escalated with growing concern for containment at least forty five people have died and now a greater threat looms three cases have been identified in the major cd city of inbound donka it's a city of one point two million people dr peter salama is a medical epidemiologist from stroh and leads the health emergencies program at the world health organization the potential for an explosive increase in cases is now there we have more than one million inhabitants in bend decca beco also happens to be on the banks of the congo river the congo river connects to several surrounding countries including congobrazzaville and through tributaries it connects to major cities such as congestion courtney what do we know about the situation there it's pretty much being updated almost by the hour the number of who may have been contaminated as of this morning who said that they have fourteen confirmed cases and as you mentioned there's growing concern for a of for containment of it and that's mainly because the outbreak began in a very rural area but now that it's spread to at least one city that is actually really a transportation hub in the region there's concern that you know it it's a very contagious disease it takes very small amount of some sort of a bodily fluid to for it to be transmitted to another person so they are very worried that now that it's in a major city potential can shasha exactly so the the who is now concerned that there's a very real potential for regional spread or regional contamination they're not yet saying at this point that it's there's a threat to for worldwide contamination of of a massive worldwide epidemic but it's at the point where they've already sent in about four thousand doses of this experimental drug that is experimental vaccine vaccine exactly and they're there on on on track to send about another four thousand.

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