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Kept outside Pat Lobe, K Y. W News radio. It's 10 02 The plan for New Jersey schools is on the way, but now we have traffic and weather on the two's Good morning, Sam. Pointy limb silk roads passing through passing storm Central Montgomery and Bucks County over the past hour, So still wet road conditions made and see some standing water here and there. We'll get back Then we understand This is not weather related at all, because it didn't rain here but hunting a valley Welsh road between Washington Lane and Valley Road police of directing around a multi vehicle accident, also in Upper Moreland, a down tree, partly blocking Blair Mill Road at Welsh Road. And it looks like the power saw crew was on the way to take care of that. Where? In Bucks County this is construction up ahead south one at a crawl approaching the sham. Une mall the right lane is closed. Once you're on the turnpike, nothing serious. South 95. Slow up Bridge Street through the narrow construction in the center city. What's off the VON Expressway West. It's pretty busy cross town generally from a CZ you travel between 95 in the approach of the Scougall Expressway. To the surgical eastbound direction and from King oppression. Not that bad. Slow the boulevard down a driver Weston This Kugel Expressway pretty much across from Bear Avenue to under 30th Street left Lane only gets by because they continue. Construction of the major roadways seem to be all right. We get a New jersey checked the 42 freeway north. Not too bad. A couple of bridge issues. We have traffic on the wall, Whip in bridge jammed in both directions because of construction. Now setting up Ben Franklin Bridge heavy on the upside west into Philadelphia because of construction and to Coney Palmyra Bridge slow both ways because of construction one lane each way mass transit on or close to schedule. Okay, Whatever you 24 hour traffic center. I'm Sam Clover. Alright, Sam. Thanks. Now, the five day forecast sponsored by the Hickman friend, Senior Community of Westchester. Here's NBC, 11th Roller meteorologist, Bill Hanley. Good morning. Just what we don't need more rain..

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