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North Carolina the Kansas Supreme Court is upholding democratic governor Laura Kelly's executive order banning large crowds at church services to slow the spread of the coronavirus Jim McLean with the Kansas news service reports Kelly's aggressive response to the coronavirus has been seen as an over reaction by some leaders in the Republican controlled legislature the church order and her closure of Kansas schools in particular this weekend's court decision give Kelly a victory in that power struggle but likely only a temporary one the court said the GOP led committees that attempted to revoke Kelly's church order didn't have the authority to do so but only because it acted prematurely under the rules of lawmakers check before leaving the shelter in their home districts extending the current state of emergency past may first would give that leadership committee that power for NPR news I'm Jim McLean in Topeka this is NPR news from Washington live from KQED news I'm Devin Katayama the corona virus crisis has prompted all of California's refineries to pull back on processing crude oil KQED's Ted Goldberg reports the shelter at home orders have millions of Californians not driving and not flying the state energy commission says all that not traveling is leading to dramatic drops in oil production its most recent snapshot shows demand for gasoline in California in the first week of April down forty two percent compared to mid March demand for jet fuel was down seventy four percent the energy commission says some of the state's refineries are operating at minimum levels the most extreme example so far of a local refinery responding to these changes PBF energy which recently bought the shell refinery in Martinez plans to sell two hydrogen plants the facility for hundreds of millions of dollars to cut costs and raise revenue I'm Ted Goldberg KQED news the strains caused by the coronavirus have led to non profits to try something new in Daly city the drive thru food bank second harvest of Silicon Valley and the mid peninsula boys and girls club have been sponsoring food banks in San Mateo county for the last ten years on Friday in Daly city they provided three hundred and fifty five boxes of food to those in need while also practicing social distancing San Matteo county supervisor David Canepa says the food drive brought the community together and a particularly difficult time we saw a lot of our young people they were the ones who put the boxes together they're the ones who directed the traffic and really sort of more bold in making sure that people have food the group's plant food drives every Friday I'm Devin Katayama KQED news donating that car you don't need to KQ weedy is an easy way to help bring use in times like these will arrange to have it picked up for you running or not you can get top dollar for it and invest the funds back into news coverage if you'd like to learn more go to KQ weedy dot org slash cars.

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