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Threes. Wet weather making a lot of commutes difficult this morning. Let's get right to Chris Culkeen. Absolutely. Just hearing from the WBZ phone force. We have new crash out there coming up on the expressway on the ramp from furnace brook Parkway to the expressway northbound it's car versus tractor trailer trucks. So right as you're making your way at the start of the expressway push at the traffic back to the start of the expressway, which was already a mess. Route three northbound here's your first delay route three northbound just after fifty three down and hand over. That's what you hit the delays. They stay heavy right up to union street. And then you get running room, you think. Well, this is nice. Well, then you're in it again either heading onto the expressway, which stays heavy all the way up to Columbia road, or it'd be going northbound onto one twenty eight northbound's stretch of one thousand nine hundred seventy to route twenty four now southbound one twenty eight back to route ninety five getting to that mess on the expressway as. Twenty four you have delays back by route one forty and it's been that way. All morning long. It continues to be jammed from four ninety five up past two zero six and then more delays for you. As you coming up by one twenty three up to one twenty eight ninety five's heavy back two to ninety five and then from four ninety five pockets, but mostly heavy traffic right through twenty eight the northbound side of twenty it's busy again from route one up past the pike. The pike is jammed up approaching four ninety five for a few miles and then from route nine all the way in through west Newton then again at Newton corner making your way to the Allston Brighton ramps. Very heavy traffic and downtown remains locked up or deck of ninety three. The Tobin and the tunnels next update is at eight forty three with WBZ's traffic on the threes.

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