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Kind of, like, you know, the end of the kind of getting ready for grittier superheroes Nolan trilogy. I also say so we talked about how like getting people reading some like one I was thinking his blade runner blade on her like change science fiction made it like this gritty, like new war thing that like everybody's doing the cyberpunk fiction now that is just cribbed from blade runner. You see everywhere and blaming the loss of money loss office. They eventually made the sequel that came out like thirty five years later, something like that. And that filled the buffs office to is because they both the blame movies worthies like simulator visions that didn't have they didn't like, like, okay, what's going to make money. They were just like no we're gonna make a movie. That's good. And I would rather see, like a movie that gets underrated or fails or whatever. And you don't see sequel than having. Out of a job. School. But one thing is like you also want them to have. I'm not saying be a billion dollar box office. But you want to see some kind of success because it will be thirty five years before. And I get it. And I get what I'm saying is like if they don't what, what I was trying to say is if they do. Well, you'll get another dread, like another type of dread one, they don't do somewhat. Well, then you're not now I get it. You don't wanna change anything. But I'm not saying compromise a movie in a sense of changing its dynamic changing, what it says changing, it's feeling it's more like is there a way to be able to attract maybe a little bit more attention getting without without without giving away. Like we got him a five hundred movie. What are we doing now? Into the sense that we're always going to have this, this, this, this happened of underrated movies in, it sucks. And it's like for every movie that is is made perfect in gets recognition. There's going to be five different that should also get recognition. I think it's just it's just the whole way of, of how movies go. And how entertainment goes is like, you know, there's always gonna be that one like one got out in one became this hit while, you know, five more left in the dust, even though they shouldn't. They shouldn't have been for the same reasons. I think is just glad luck the draw kind of situation a lot of times you do. If you do try and compromise and do that it doesn't always work. Look at Justice league that was movie like, okay snacks had vision in might have been good at might have been bad. You know, I know this hashtag release the Snyder cut. But there's no just come out about his original plans that would it sound more interesting. It's not there's no cut because he didn't ever shoot this reshot it all with. Josh? We try and be like, more like family anymore. It's going to be more feeling people, and that would be like bombed. I'm gonna be lost money, and we've made less money than any of the movies than any other movies, even suicides, I've made more money than that. Yeah. So I think the moral the story for us is that filmmakers, make the movie that you want. And, you know, even though it doesn't make make you chill ill at least, like for us like supreme. We'll have. Yeah, we'll have some you'll have some appreciation, somewhere, your movie, and I say, you know, don't like, oh, well put this into this group will like it will make some money like just making. Yeah. I mean you're gonna find out you're gonna find obviously what I like is different from what you like, what you feel that someone put into it. I feel that you know they put into a fine. But I mean, it's, it's always, it's always envied subjective thing. That's why you have people talking podcast. Yeah. Exactly. Honestly. Do you guys see the reputation of this movie come because I feel like you talk to people now people seeing everyone who has seen it. I've never met anybody. Oh, I didn't like that, right? Yeah. I think it's like once people like it gets on their behalf radar. People tend to like it. I think they especially if it's like without any pressure, like you know, it's just like, oh, this movies popped up on my key. Let me see it. Emily movie that I think, as more people see and you know, people hear about it or they listen to a podcast about it. They'll be like, oh, I should watch that everybody who's told me, it's really good or like a lot of people like oh, like I didn't like the Stallone one. But let me let me check this out. You know. So I think it's, it's getting more and more popular. I think if that, especially that Netflix series happens, a lot of people are gonna see oh with epoch saying, oh, let me, go, check out this movie, that's based on, I think it's going to really turn around with, like, also what we're talking about, like with our rated superhero movies kind of becoming more of the normal popular. Now, there's going to be people who are willing to revisit it, and I think it would actually be beneficial as a Netflix show. I mean, especially if they keep the same format of a day in the life of Kaieda situation of it could basically be comic book police procedure. And I think that's a really cool innovative concept in it would actually be like, especially platform, Netflix. That's always looking for that, that kind of different sil-. It'd be. A definitely definitely a good fit. For what I'll go let let about..

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