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Like just when it's some cows and anarchism is not destroying the rules and just cows it's copy. Chao, it's an objective. It's a way to destroy the power away to fight the power. The breakaways are somehow this way. Not always, because in actual cycling, we see a lot of breakaways that are accorded by the power of the group in the past. It was not so common, but it is always been. And but not all, not all the way aways. Our dispatcher there are also a lot of breakaways that are pure Act of rebellion and those are my favorite breakaways and those are my favorite breakaways Riders. Because most of those breakaways are moved by the same small medium small group of riders will talk a minute about who are the ultimate break reality. Sort of Che guevara's of the choice of cycling and the Breakaway, but you guys are a great at getting into the sort of language and etymology of various Concepts in cycling and you do that in the book out. About breakaways, in Italian there isn't really the equivalent of the the hotel in French but earlier in the jury you spoke to a rider from badly on e. R. O. Whose nickname has been Fuji TiVo the The Fugitive, which dates back to, you know, his Junior days when he was always in the break, but I was intrigued by this by the expiration, you give fifty before that word about, who do and which, I didn't know before, can you just explain that? Well, yes, it in when de France in the French Colony era, when France went to bed by Helder Northern Africa, countries. There was this gunpowder that was called baroud, so the buzzer was wrong. I mean, but is an Arabic name, of course. And the bar, there was a fighter who went first and because the name of the of the gunpowder was baroud, they were called Bob. Our and it has not been used in cycling since the sixties or seventies when the the nature of the Breakaway changed because the the bunch the Peloton was more and more structured. So there was more captain and gregarios and Riders who just had to pull. Pull in the front and nothing else. So when, when this kind of fight the fight for the Breakaway changed in France, they started using this word and I think in the book you propose a couple of. Well if there was an Italian equivalent sort of playing on this idea of dynamite or gunpowder I think you suggest one or two, don't you? Well I I think that these military language is quite adapt to this fight. I like to to call them like the the dynamite guys, the Riders club. For break the the quiet zone of the bunch and guys in this to one of your what you also Bahu. Off your adopted sort of breakaway specialist Alessandro diamanti obviously had a while. He had a fantastic couple of days on the stereo but then crashed out and which has been a highlight for you guys, I know. But Leonardo wage would just talking about how there's been a problem with the brake ways, from my point of view in this gyro, and I like it when the this, the, the competitive sort of narrative of a grand tour is worth of interlaced and it's contiguous in a way, the, the GC battle leaves. It's fingerprints on the Breakaway battle and vice versa. And I have not seen that in a lot of stages at this. And yet, I must be in, like, reading to completely separate books. That don't relate to each other. And, would you agree with that? Yeah, I do. And I, I'm not completely enjoying all this breakaways in this zero down. Because yes, the Peloton just leave them go easily and actually we talked to Thomas again some days ago, he told us now, the real fight is to be to, to sneak into the break away because after you are in it, it's almost sure you are going to the finish line. But of course, it's difficult to to say these brackets in this zero I romantic. And for the idea of the Revolution and Rebellion to hold really, there has to be some resistance from the the governing power which is the Peloton and very often missed you do the husband? No resistance. It's been a, a soft sort of transition of power or soft Handover of power to the Breakaway. Yeah, that's it. I mean somehow this breakaways are away of conservative power of the Peloton. As against said, there was this fight that they were really fighting to get in the Breakaway. And as again concluded his talk with, as he said a win is a dog. In a couple of years. Nobody will remember if that Breakaway was allowed by the group or was fighted, but I think there's also a real tactical reason in this gyro and he's its course because there's very few chances for sprinters and and also at the tools there are the classic Riders, the punchers a digital, they are they never come because it's too near to the classics and that's so strange because and I've noticed this for a a few years. Now, the wizard generation of particular Italian writers, that what you guys do? The Scottish T, the license DeLuca Rebellion, who were perfect, you know, you guys know the geography of Italy better than everyone through, a lot of finishes here on top of there, a lot of towns on the top of page Hills, you know, to kilometer 3 kilometre climbs. And you used to have a lot of stages that were perfect for guys, like Betty any & DeLuca, and so on. And those Riders, well, it'll is not really producing them and I just have to Leonardo If we take a stage, like, gorizia the other day, and you made this point really product, if if another Philip was there, then Quick Step would would work to keep the rest together and then, as he attacked presumed, the last climb in, in the attempt to get a stage victory, that would also draw the GC battle out and that's just not happened at all. But there is still something good that we can find in what's happening in this zero if you consider it. Say, for example, because the components winning the power of the breakaways and the biggest reason why we love them is you can relate. It's easily to the guys took break away because they usually they are not Champions and going into the break away is the only way they have twin. And if you consider cabinets it was the first win for him on a wage grantor and is changing so you can tell the story of a rider and open man who is trying to find another shape for himself. Yeah there's some there's this dog. The nation that all the breakaways Riders gave me. And they said I'm fast but not one of the fastest I climbed well, but I'm not one of the climbers. So the Breakaway bubble is a month or when but not the Champions that good Riders, but not the Champions and their Dimension is in Breakaway, they can win only in Breakaway and Thursday. I think I like when, when in sport does not just the champion who wins, Breakaway, you can relate to them, you can feel close to them. That's why also it's worked with Alessandra. The market because boss is is one of us. The way he speaks the way he writes it's the same person you can you can see it's it's him and it's close to you because it's normal in some ways, of course, is a is a champion in his world, but it is one of us. It's a vote for the underdog. It's like, you know, buying your bread from your corner shop from your Artisan boulangerie birth. The not going to sa longa a big supermarket chain. Yeah that's a perfect explanation of.

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