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Daly hosted by me, Pablo Tori, Listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Keyshawn Johnson. You hate to see where coaches become real slick with their tongues, and I hated it as a player. That's why I was always one to fire back. He knows the NFL That's behold 11. So far, he's headed in the right direction, and the NFL knows him early in his career, So you can't say he's the greatest of all time. This is only his third years of starter it inside the NFL With keys, John J. Will and Zubin every morning starting at six Eastern On ESPN Radio and on ESPN News cap and she Hood Morning 7 to 10 on ESPN. 1000, Chicago's home for sports. The Ravens in Distillers is the best rivalry game in the NFL. We're familiar with them. Definitely with us. That's what makes serious such a challenging one as a blend between team because, like the Devil Ravens season just got a whole lot harder. Just focusing on what people want us to be. The Steelers are 10 and O F. C. North Primetime Thanksgiving, It's got all the makings of a typical Steelers Ravens matchup. Those last words, of course, the words of Big Ben huge things on the line for both for Baltimore. It's essentially trying to save their season for Pittsburgh. It's perfection. Let's bring in Ryan Clark, the former Steeler, the Super Bowl champion, joining us this morning on.

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