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Of nature Antonio Antonio brown is zero it is Antonio brown there he was the best fantasy player of the decade now the worst fantasy player of the decade had quite a funny nickname he was a running back he did have one good year but that would go on and absolutely break the hearts of fantasy owners at the running back position from that point on it is not Jordan our a running back that bombed everybody out no longer in the league no longer in the league he was a big game guy one really good year and then completely just dunk yeah you're gonna have to give me this one idea there I feel like there's a few that have done that for me Doug Martin the Muslims are home man that's that's a whole from the book I didn't know that was a big day in the most lawyers I didn't know if they might give it away for you know Doug Martin's nickname was the muscle hamster yeah of course you didn't but in that in great neck that is incredible he was short squatty build like a bowling ball yeah that makes a lot of sense I'm just little bit bummed out that when we did our best nickname in the history of sports bracket that the muscle hamster wasn't involved that is an incredible nickname I can't we didn't like it the June for demarco Murray the market yeah the market had one decent you're with the Titans though as well but that that was a good one okay the best offense of the decade this one you have several teams you could choose from when it comes to the best offense of the decade with there's one in terms of longevity quarterback and offensive coordinator staying with each other that also resulted in a lot of success who would you go with so this isn't just for one year of the decade this is like a humiliation over the entire ten years often to efficiency they ranked seventy one point three which was first in the league points per game they average twenty nine and a half that was first in the league and yards per game they averaged three hundred ninety point seven which was second best in the league I would probably go with New England here because they had McDaniels and Brady the entire time yes Sir it is the New England Patriots which you know not exactly a shocker but the saints perennial you have been a really good offense the Broncos had some really good years there in the decade you've had the falcons were teammates flashed at times as well so with the patriots I mean again it's consistency with New England the worst offense of the decade it's an AFC team they really have not had a quarterback that sits figured it out to be their franchise guy the girl fits of efficiency rating was thirty three point three worst in the league they average eighteen point nine points per game which is second to worst in yards per game three hundred and seventeen point nine dead last they've had quarterbacks such as Chad any Blaine Gabbert and Blay ag Bortles CNS yeah I was thinking either the jags or I mean it could have been the the the the Browns as well maybe that like eight week stretch of rookie Baker put the Browns over the top there because I bet they would compete as being equally awful but the Jaguars have been really really bad yes the mine would have been Oakland Oakland okay have a good one but but remember Oakland had that for that year I was a rookie Derek Carr sticking your dear car with a one on one of your cover yes see that they did have a good year with their car they got hurt right before the playoffs and it was just an absolute terrible terrible game against Houston there for the raiders so yeah you're right you're right I mean they could have won these you're not worst defense of the decade that is the raiders the raiders of the worst defense the best defense goes to the Baltimore Ravens with the best defense over the decade the best game if you had to pick one game it was the best game this one happens to be a Super Bowl okay I I will guess that here in just a day after I think down probably pretty easy that's going to be the patriots comeback against the falcons because that was unbelievable twenty eight to three but the raiders I I think they're poor defense is going to continue into the this decade as they have just taken the crappy defense of the cowboys and implemented it out there in Vegas with Marinelli Jeff heath and Mally Collins right isn't that what they're doing plus waiting on the other side that defense doesn't get any better out there and now with that with the Vegas raiders now we have to go in the regular season game I'd say that that chiefs rams game fifty four fifty one yes so again home absolutely really good game after the nine seven two that nerdy kid Rick Moranis annexation of Porter Rico best offense of the decade the worst call by a referee my vote would be that as cash for this one I guess it's a little bit a little bit worse since the controversial then slamming into Tommy Lee Lewis big time bad call biggest social media star the decade goes to J. J. watt the best player is Tom Brady the runner up is drew Brees so there you have it ESPN taking us through the best and worst of the past decade in the National Football League hope you enjoyed it right here on the nose bleed seats coming up next around the ram and this NBA team has done some solid social media trolling we'll tell you who it is what they did next on the fan.

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