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A nightmare for the state because it proves their so called services are needed sell four one, one is at Townsend's of installs. And of course, it's covered by the Pitcock. No government license still four one one because your friends won't shoot you when you're in trouble without the government who would build the emergency services, you and sell for one, one. Today and get cell four one one dot com. This is the most recent episode free talk live, presented by Seiko CA. I get interactive at freetalklive dot com. Live dial on in here and control of the airwaves. It's over number is eight fifty five four fifty free. That's eight five five four five zero three seven three three with you tonight. It's Ian Edmark forget, you can join us online head over to freetalklive dot com, and please enjoy the features that we have waiting for you on our site over at freetalklive dot com. There are a bunch of them, including the amp program allows you to actually support what we do here on free talk live, Goto, amp dot freetalklive dot com. And by the way, I want to say thanks to David Jeffries, who is a free talk live gold amplifier. Now, most of the features that we give to you on the side or free, so archives that go back for more than a decade, the those are free, the webcam you can watch that for free. I mean, pretty much everything that's there by default, you get for free. But if you want to help support the show, then police become an amplifier at amp dot freetalklive dot com. You can do it for five bucks a month. David is doing ten dollars a month. He's gold amplifier, but, oh, ask course five. And so we really appreciate anybody who signs up because it makes a big difference. It helps us to know that you predate what we do, because we do this for free, and, you know, obviously, we have advertisers, but we give you the features for free. Lot of other shows we'll charge you for things like archives livestream 's all that stuff. Most of these other talk show hosts out there. The nationally syndicated shows the big name guys. They charged five six seventy bucks a month and then you get access to their website. So if you pre share what we do, and you want to help us get on more radio stations..

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