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All right, Let's bring this closer to home. Give me the last 10 winners get start 2010 and work your way up the last 20. Time's person of other nice 2010 man. Very rich, very owner founder of a popular girls social networking site. Oh, Zuckerberg, Zuckerberg, 10 4011. Is a group of people. The protester only maybe a single person. The protester representing many global protest movements, 2011 was, uh I mean, that was still tea party. There was the occupy Wall Street is that was in that era as well. Okay, So the protester Alright, 2012. Barack Obama. This was a second round second win. 2020 13 Pope Francis Right home? Yeah, um 2014. Here we go. The Ebola's fighters. Everyone on the front lines find the Ebola well, now that is an interesting little bit of a tease their money 14. The person or persons of the year were those on the front line against the Ebola's virus. Before shadowing. How could you not? Perhaps just, you know, replicate that six years later for the frontline workers against Cove it okay 2015, Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany. 05 color, Angela. Yeah,.

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