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Road crews continued to remove snow and treat ice this morning, we're looking at a high of 40° today and a low of 12. If you do have to leave the house today, make sure you have washer fluid in your car, because like my tax returns, it's gonna get sloppy. And now for our top story this morning, as Rita Furman achieved a world record at the mad fun arcade in Brooklyn, New York, for spinning a Korean wooden top for 7 hours. According to the Kansas City Beacon, while other Kansas counties hesitated to spend money from the COVID relief fund known as the cares act until they had more guidance, wyandotte county was able to spend the money right away. Crystal spragg, who acted as the county's cares act planning team manager said, there's a scrappiness to wine county. We know how to respond to this crisis Fast & Furious to help the people in our community. When asked if she had distributed all the funds, she said, why is there more? In celebrity news, there is supposed controversy over a Vanity Fair cover with Nicole Kidman, dressed in what people are saying, is a revealing schoolgirl type uniform. To hear his opinion on this Vanity Fair cover and social media controversy, let's go to our opinion editor, old cartoon wolf. Cartoon wolf, what do you make of this cover? Now for sports, sumo is getting big, in Texas. According to a Texas monthly article, the sumo Dallas club is finally getting some attention with viral videos they've put out other sumo practices. The sumo Dallas club is hoping to expand sumo wrestling in Texas, while staying true to the sumo culture. Some don't even wear underwear under their sumo belts, which are called mawashi. As in since I didn't wear underwear, I'm a washes. According to NPR, Americans are fleeing deep blue and red areas to escape people, they don't agree with. It's a growing phenomenon, and to be honest, this article really bothered me, so I talked to my wife about it. She said, can't people just tune out other people when they aren't interested in what they're saying. And I said Susie, it's not that easy. She said, uh huh. I said, we have to learn to live together. We are the United States of America, not some states here, in some states there, and she said, uh huh. And I was like, plus, it's not strangers. It's family. It's people you love, spilling their hearts out to you and she said, yes, spaghetti for dinner sounds fine. And now a word from our sponsors. Do you want to reach dozens of people at once, so you could probably just text? Well, now you can. Advertise your event product or send a message of support to your friend who is going through a divorce who you knew would get divorced, and if you think their divorce is bad, wait until they start dating again. Send max dash crites are $1 and your message will be on the show. First, a correction from one of yesterday's ads, apparently in the ad for the $20 all you can scoop manure. I fail to say it was horse manure. The sponsor was worried. The word manure would be confused with human feces, which I know that's true because a lot of people interchange the words. Poop or due to her stinky dink for words like dung or manure or words that you use for animal. Excrement. So I apologize. And I asked if that was a joke ad and apparently it's not. So if you need manure, from a horse, not a human, contact me. To be clear, the farm also does produce human feces, but those are not for sale currently..

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