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Was sixteen and crossed the border illegally late last year they begin the process of bringing him out of the shadows filing what's called a petition for an alien relative this interview is one of their last steps to getting a green card application approved pulling out a fat blue accordion folder williams leafs through all of the evidence that they brought this like our tickets her honeymoon on from like the hotel and everything then williams comes across a stack of stationary letters i sent in lives and he's talking about a prison in your county pennsylvania that also houses immigrants the federal government is planning to deport one morning in early may immigration officers showed up outside the couple's home in haverford pennsylvania around the time plus years heads to work at a local restaurant they surrounded his car and arrested him it's not clear how immigrations and customs enforcement found ploteus ice declined an interview but a spokesman said in a statement that the office does sometimes get information from the us citizenship and immigration service that the part of dhs that processes requests to change your immigration status after you mary a us citizen so far arrests like posse us are not a huge trend whyy has confirmed three cases with ties to the philadelphia area where ice arrested a person after they came forward as the spouse of a us citizen compare that to the first three months of the year when more than a thousand people in pennsylvania filed family petitions but it is a change says williams stock a local attorney and former president of the american immigration lawyers association privately of her person was filing the petition it was very often the first step to get themselves on the road back to legal and the immigration service were very often look at that situation farewell work i mean if you're on the road to legal and let's not make you a priority a priority for deportation that was under president obama now says stock immigration officers are obliged to arrest anyone they come across under executive orders signed by president donald trump talked with personnel us would have been relative doses person you effort on children of his person out of a job or a business up they run none of those things matter everyone is a priority for removal quasius does have one black mark on his immigration records that gives.

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