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And that's how you get thirties. I'm going for him. Yeah. I think I think that Phillies game thirty six physical attempts. No assists. In got a lot of attention. Got a lot of attention mostly because they were playing. Sixers in the Jimmy Butler air. I don't know if that was the kind of just one of the teams as much attention. But it did because I think that was nationally televised. But they've got to get more offense here. I don't I don't think there's more offense to mine on this roster, certainly like the fisa profile is there, really. Thaba ingles. Mitchell's good defender. So, but I think they're actually at a rod roster construction point where they're so limited on off its creation that I think they're going to potentially have to add to Russia over Rubio's feelings of stress over his free agency. He's always been a guy that kind of when when there's ability tends to play a little bit better when things were stable Minnesota. He was very good. When was sure what the plan wasn't in Minnesota. He would play not nearly as well. We love this team last year. And they started ten and sixteen last year and struggling they were listening rue the, and but audibly they're really really inconsistent. And I don't know that they answers on this roster. What do you think Greg? We talk about how you have to have four shooters on the floor and Utah doesn't play with four shooters on the floor when dark favors and Rudy bear are out there. So that's just that's the starting point. Probably conserve. I've that when you're one of the top one or two defensive teams in the league. But we talked about last year we talked about it in the preseason. The preview for Utah is if you wanna be a true contender being twentieth on offense in I on defenses. Good enough. It's the same with Boston. We've talked about them as well. They have to find a way to be a top twelve office of team, and when you're playing Derrick favors and really go. Bayer together you're just not you're not going to get there and go bear. I would never say here in say go bear is not a great player. He's you know. Different supplier of the year and incredibly. Long terrific defensive player. But. When I when I was watching live. It's really interesting when you watch game live in. I don't I'm not looking at numbers and see. I see what you mean in the in the arena, not just to be. Yeah. That's what I mean in person. Right. And you look up and you see, oh, this guy's got this many points, but they didn't really put up how many show like I didn't know I had left that that Donald Mitchell had taken that many shots. I mean, it seemed like he took a lot of shots. But and it was kind of weird too. Because tell you getting to the arena, I mind the office up in north Phillies about twenty miles from the Rena. It literally took almost two hours to get from the office to the arena in my seat. It was. It was insane. So getting their missed a couple opening minutes sit down, and I'm kinda, you know, trying to grab some food and just, you know, get seated and there's people around and in the first half..

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