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We were getting ready to talk about. God knows what. But mike garafolo from. Nfl network just dropped a bombshell. He is now piggyback on camera wolf said and he is confirming. The dolphins have informed linebacker. Caveat no he will be released so as we were sitting here recording it. We were talking about what can happen when the dolphins potentially release. It is now official. Kyle van noy is no longer miami dolphin. Jacomb your thoughts. It really comes down to the leadership right. I mean i think you know whether it was on the field off the field. Vanoy was always well-spoken. You think about that patriot system and the floor is connection. What i see here is the who's going to step into that role. It really seems like it's drum baker's time to shine but you know this is the time to make the contract to give him do patrick because once you get to next year. It's only become more expensive. I think that's the one thing this dolphin staff. Chris greer especially really understands that the fact that you really can't if you're going to resign a guy you cannot wait till the final year Because it gets really expensive. But josh overall again this means the dolphins are really going to try to get a different players. They're going to try and make a lot of booze and who knows. We thought they'd make a couple of wisdom predency. Maybe they're going to end up trying to be big spenders yet. Jake and some of the names thrown out there. We we heard hassan riddick. I believe it was a armando. Salga mentioned him. We know is a versatile player guy that you know many dolphin fans one in the draft a few years back so that could be a guy that they throw a large contract at and then there's lavar david linebacker for the tampa bay buccaneers. I know everyone saw him flash throughout the super bowl throughout the playoffs. So those are two names that you know could warrant those big contracts and again. They could be a little bit more of what the dolphins need in the middle et. Defense amid calvin brings but again. It's just crazy that a year ago. They brought in cavenaugh to be that leader to do all the things that you know from our standpoint you know. And from what we hear from the coaches he went out there and did exactly what they pay them to do but to move on after year. I mean this is just a testament to just how big of a wildcard. The miami dolphins are under brian floor. As you know we can't say that enough. You know just how you can see here and you can. It might not draft quarterback at three that you know they might not do this and that no one knows what the what they're gonna do. And this proved calvin noise. Brian flores guy brought him here to be that leader that defense again by all accounts he was that but they're moving on. I'm excited to see what the next step is gonna fishes podcast. We're going to hear some another nugget. Drop about who the dolphins are potentially signing. But this is just madness man and it's all on top of those birthday. Wish him a happy birthday. Happy birthday quarterback onto its sending this whole thing around him and a while. What a day man. What a day you mentioned it before the break. And i think this is where we should wrap it. Up jason mcintyre. Espn deshaun. watson was at the cannella fight at hard rock stadium. You set it mortar using this cap space to help finagle a watson. Deal based on the entire intel mcintyre has heard. I'm putting miami ahead of carolina. Now is the leader in terms of signing to shawn watson retreating john watson and on top of that mcintyre double down. So it's obviously it's all speculation but as people who cover the seam insert reporting that something like that. I know everyone gets mad. Talking about the shawn watson. he doesn't bid it's the chemistry. The contracts gonna put us back but as we see here as we see with someone like bed. Noy money is really adjustable. It seems in terms of the cap space and the vanoy cut is just a side of that. And obviously we're not gonna sit here and celebrate it We're wishing nor the absolute best user. Treat have in miami. He was always around the ball and he was a playmaker. And that's what the dolphins needed..

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