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I'm Scott Galloway future. Embassador to Estonia after delivering southern Florida to president beta Aurora thousand. Thousand twenty oh Bego. I'm so sad for you, Scott that you you you didn't get your betas has Senator from Texas. You must be devastated gets forty nine percent in Texas raises money on a national level. You know, Hello, Mr President Cerqueira key question few days in how do you feel or how are you feeling about the election? All right. Well, I'm going to say how my son felt so we get in the car and my son. I he wasn't with me. I was an election party and he woke up he was reviewing all the things with thirteen years old. And he goes, I gotta say. That's what he said. He goes Democrats really can't deliver it, but the Republicans kinda sucked too. And I was like and seeing that is exactly what the situation is. So. Whatever you're not. You're not terribly know, happier. Just sort of met. Yeah. We just can't have nice things as they say. We just can't have nice things in this country. So that's the way it is. It's fine. You know, what gridlock is good? As far as I in this situation. I'm good with gridlock. So it's fine. That's what we got. That's we're getting I'm gonna live that gridlock is good. So anyway, bring it down to tech. Do you think this means anything tax? I think they're not going to get regulated now because the gridlock is good. You know what I mean? I think there won't be any moves any serious moves unless they can all agree that Texas may agree on the bipartisanship that technology companies need to be regulated. Maybe that will happen. I think you're gonna see a lot of that from the state's like Gavin Newsom in California and some other states, you're going to see action action that sort of makes the tech companies come to heal a little bit a national level. I'm not so sure I'm just I'm going to have to find out but Pelosi certainly behind it. It's just a question whether she can get the Senate to do the same. So we'll see we'll see if we're gonna privacy Bill or anything else. Probably not. So gridlock is the way is the name of the game. So let's talk about a big stories or going on. Obviously you had a good prediction last week about Amazon being in the Virginia, the Washington DC area. And in fact, there was some leaks that it was looking at crystal city, Virginia, Dallas and New York City actually, Long Island city in New York. Tell me what you think about this. So I refer to this not as a contest, but a con, and I think it may have blown up Amazon's face cats. Because we'll see time will tell but imagine you're the wealthiest man in the world in you get to pick or you have more options anyone in the world new decided. Okay. So I'll personalized this. I lease office space all the time for my businesses. And I was telling my real estate agent we can lease any office in the world as long as I can walk there from where I live,.

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