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That to be undone right it's just became part of the culture and really shut out to rosie the riveter for launching a million easy feminists halloween costume still true today as joe have you ever benazir have i was real i have yeah it's an easy how many of you all were if you were tag items in bodos i'm sure a lot of y'all were i'd love to see that our instagram um but rose he was a fictional character writes that she was she was sort of a she was a symbol an icon for women entering the workforce like you said into those otherwise traditionally male spaces and what that meant was like the unions that had been present for those male spaces women were also entering sort of industries that had more labor organizing and during this time women became much more involved in the labor rights movement one of those women who we'd like to once again sort of zoom in on um was heavily involved when it came to the national farmworkers association right by his side throughout the entire uh founding of the national farmworkers association was dolores huerta and she ended up becoming a nineteen 65 the first female leader of the united farmworkers who combined forces to launch a very successful national boycott of california grapes because the workers the farm workers who were i'm really picking grapes in california and who were the the labor force behind the entire california grape industry were not being paid would what was a quivalent to the national minimum wage so that was their basic demand and dolores huerta was a huge part of via the massive strike that.

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