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Niners. That sets. Ted Robinson right doing the games for the forty Niners right there. What a what a night for Nick Mullins? What an for Nick melons is calling in about eight minutes time here on the show. I got stats ready for stats. I wanna hear them. I mean, I got stats you'll what happened last. I've got stats. Current jen. Gen you never thought existed in the old gen let's start with a car agenda. Jen, jen. Nick Mullins became his second quarterback since two thousand throw a touchdown pass on each of his team's first two possessions in his NFL debut. Marcus mariota. Oh, remember that. He he tortured the buccaneers and James Winston in the first game for each and then D finish the game because he was up so much. That's that's current gen right? Okay. Here's genuine think existed. Mullins completed passes to eight different players in the first half. Most by player in his NFL debut since nineteen Ninety-one tying gusts for what? Kate nineteen Ninety-four I'll throw this one in for you for genuine glaze. So we're Nick Mullins headbutted. The after did not as crazy. He did not fake news. Mullins joins these three is the only players over the past twenty five seasons to throw for three or more touchdowns in the first game. Marcus mariota Mark Bolger. And of course, Ryan Fitzpatrick..

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