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Yeah he's got a nice little retreat going on there so take his cell phone if hello chores no cleaning I love that Hey that mark they scared bridge you will see a couple three South Florida morning shows with news of Janet bila Diener and yeah but speaking of cell phones texting and driving no no should have been doing it anyway but now it's the loss stopping in the impact well let's face in that we've had it here because it affects every person in every way in the face well that's one of the bill's co sponsors and she's right it does affect everyone specially a NO a a year we're blaming kids I'm gonna blame older people because they're the worst to do it my kids can text and never look at the phone the idea it's amazing isn't it it is liked in the thumbs up so fast he noticed minorities elderly they're like why do you use one finger it because I swipe you know I think I know it's easier to go one a open up mine turned it side ways and I said because the kids are too small for me I got a big thumbs what's the city because I use my index finger is I'm not if the six okay it's because we're older veil I am but it now it's a primary offense as you just mentioned so that means an officer can stop you just for seeing you texting and driving right now here's the catch it's only a warning between now and January when January hits however you're gonna get walloped in the big deal is they put points against your license hi I know I've asked this a couple times what is your opinion changed is that really affect behavior does that change people is it a deterrent eventually I think so okay it then and I brought up the that drinking and driving situation when I was got first got my license and for years you could drink and drive there was no law against like while driving yeah it now and then it changed and I remembered it when it changed it was dramatic it was like no more that's it don and a lot of people got busted FOR D. Y. right away I think the same thing's going to happen here people are gonna believe they're gonna be seen they're gonna get caught right get a Buck thirty ticket then right at the points than their insurance goes up so I I'll give it a year and it'll start having a huge impact I I mean I hope it does I just think as a society we're way too far down that road because it's like with the with drinking and driving at some point you got to like stop drinking most people in right is that enough the cell phones with us by our heads every single moment of every single day I think the fight has to be half the year a I mean it's going to have to be or the points have to be greater I don't know how many points you get on your license but that's it's when you start getting people in the pocketbook right it's like when you quit smoking what did they say the most of people quit smoking because they can't afford it anymore because it's going to kill him yeah and you stop as I get a raise right so it is that I think in this case that may have to be maybe they raise the the fine I'm I just whenever you're gonna find all the cops to stop everybody hides going to be a big challenge Hey it is like you and I drive to work a in the dark so we see when it have you know exactly when somebody goes in the phone because the inside of the car a looming split can put a lot lot light on it is so the cops at night obviously gonna look for that at that that'll be the easy one or during the day just watch for the idiot swerving back and forth boy because they always kind of goes to the left a little bit right I told you I was good enough Friday somebody else so it slammed she had no idea I laid on my reward I've put on but I pulled on the when I was a screaming that arise screaming at the top of my lungs no idea she's probably still doesn't she's done it that story this morning going and then this maniac for no reason whatsoever it started yelling that started yelling at a ninety five yes that was me lady okay I'll take I'll take full responsibility the criticism of the president's historic moments walking into the DMZ it always coming in hot and heavy this is because the Democrats couldn't get it done again and again and again they tried with Jimmy Carter they try they tried with Bill Clinton then they tried with Barack Obama after the fact after they all left office and they couldn't get it done because one time from shows up he tweets from Japan's is you know I'm in town you want to meet basically I'm here you got me for twelve hours little chubby respond shore meet me at the DMZ chip using some noodles going really today and that's what they did yeah well and then you know not enough not enough Remy clover charm we want to see a denuclearization of the Korean peninsula reduction in these missiles but it's not as easy as just going and you know bringing a hot dish over the fence to the dictator next door okay Sir and what do you want to do a me right just just tell me keep threatening them nice work thirty one HR okay I move into okay first can be Georgia because that's going to be my house in the winter because the gone with the wind house on July twenty eighth up until now until July twenty eighth they have an open auction I need a million dollars so to qualify so could deliver a couple by kind of Bucks for it well that was a real house he was upset those beautiful out anyway but this is even better the end it's you can go see it for me while you're on vacation Martha's vineyard Jackie Kennedy's old house don't let me on the island no sixty five million Bucks this is pocket change it's known as the red gate farm three hundred forty acres my kind of place it's got a mile of oceanfront land sixty four hundred square foot five bedroom house two decks chef's kitchen full tennis court and you can come visit with the whole family bill because it's got a four bedroom guest house how much sixty five mil actually it's cheap from Martha's vineyard haven amazing that a small island like Martha's vineyard we even have that many acres available that's what he said wow at three in the forty acres that's incredible I think she owns half the island there's a lot of cliffs involved I'll tell you that I don't know how much of you can actually go to the water wow then again Joss is there so you just want to stay on the land well you better pick up a bunch X. remotes thanks for all out now Jay Fay Canada is at it again they leaving people behind and flights left and right with this with this stupid status we get we get that some other headlines coming up next year let's take a look here drive.

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