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Appreciate all right. How do you have an idea of how long you want each episode to be one of the if you're sort of podcast like myself? It's pretty interesting to see all the different podcast guests, you know, some people go super long, two and a half hours and people love that kind of stuff. There's other listeners who just want, you know, thirty minutes thirty five minutes. There are people who do sort of emergency podcast where they react to the news and the legal long or short. I don't actually think there is a right answer. It's all sort of about what the with the hosts are comfortable with you have an idea as to how long these episodes will be well at the debut. I think what fifty minutes, and I think that's kind of the target. If you will. But it's as you noted it's very flexible because I agree with you. I mean, there are as a Pat capped listener there are times where I've listened to podcasts that were. Five minutes. And I thought they were too long. And there were times where I've listened to pass that we're an hour and a half. And I thought it was too short. I think, you know, much like, you would if you were journalists writing story, you write it for what it's worth. And to me. It's the same with the podcasts. Like, you do it for what it's worth. And if I get a really compelling guests, and we have a great conversation for ninety minutes. I'm good with that. I mean, the Charlemagne podcasts I think is a little over an hour. Maybe like our ten, and that was entirely based on the fact that you know, he's very compelling. We had a great conversation. Good back and forth. And so, of course, that's that is what it is. I think the tone pill went actually went longer we edited it down. But he was very compelling. So I just wanna do it for what it's worth and for how long I guess in my mind. I proceed, you know, people who will listen to it. So I'm with you. I don't think there's ever a perfect answer for that. I just think you have to do it to where you feel like people will pay attention 'cause some people tell you that you should think of it in terms of what people's daily commute are, you know? So that's why some preach that that forty five minute ranges is the hot spot because you know, people are thinking like, okay, if you have a twenty minute drive to work, you listen to wait or finish it on the way home. If you're catching a train or you're in LA in your car for nine hours, this'll something you know, that should entertain you the whole way. So I guess I I mean,.

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