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He did and this is this is what differentiates him from the the liberal democrats of his time and our time there were tangible results with what he did he built fees the first person to build free healthcare clinics all across louisiana he paid the state when he came to power it was just a huge swamp paid the entire stadium built the he he improved the infrastructure and the way that our leaders should be improving the infrastructure nationally what donald trump talked about i mean we're not quite a giant swap yet but picture with louisiana was a giant swamp he invented the concept adult education until he came along and nobody thought of that he was the first one to start free textbooks for the children just for the fact that the free healthcare clinics and in fact don't hospitals and mental institutions the death rate dropped thirty percent and louisiana during his tenure there the average family just because of his policies and the fact he went after the rich he went after standard oil and powerful people like that with the attacks on crude oil and so forth they tried to impeach him for that but because of what he was doing he was really going out to the powerful he wasn't just paying lip service the average family in louisiana safe what would be in today's money over five thousand dollars a year and utilities and the taxes and so forth actual living extensive just imagine what a difference that would make an eighty eighty percent of the people in louisiana no longer paid personal property tax on our long foreclosures just about disappeared he was he was an astonishing leader and he he made so many enemies and he did again he was a man in a hurry virtually on his first day in the senate when he went from the governorship to the senate he went in and he he right away blasted joe robinson who was his party the democratic party's majority leader he made a long brilliant speech on the senate floor where he just.

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