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You all know the truth charene anderson who produced it was begging me to do it schuessel wanted to trial by fury the first documentary that then sold it and i wanted nothing to do with it i just the you know i was just enough already and i i didn't one after two look it over anything else after episodes three actually the cliett reached out and beg me to do it so i said okay you want me to do it all do in our member you know i gotta lot invested in you and so that's why i basically do not appear until three four or four five and six because they had already filmed or they're the first three in the can and then they kind of back filled with me i'm going to give it a chance i all right let's think i think let's let's just hypothetically say scott peterson was guilty or another per line and we just take deadbug okay okay bundy a ted bundy who plotted murder and covered it up okay that don't you think that there is a big difference between that and somebody who clearly if we can prove that he had a really reality played simpson first of all when you have a chilling it's called a homicide results the killing of another human then you break out on the side into various degrees homicide could be murder which means killing with malice aforethought malice aforethought can be express or implied so it can be first or second debris if it's premeditated his first degree and if there are special circumstances like you killed on your wife because you are to collect on the insurance that can be a special circumstance you engaged in torture or something like that then that could be potentially death pelley if however you have no malice.

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