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Yeah it was the video of martin lewis and a young christopher walken sorry for best for him but it with your angel of death status i mean jerry lewis was his old right i mean isles they know ask her yacht sorry latin any way from that let's go on move onto spirit of the week at boy do we have a special spirit today hundred of the week well running at times i'm going to be quick here we are drinking a sinn ghani 63 uh ma'am old passions so sin ghani 63 of course we've drunk we we've actually had this before on the show and we had it straight which was a mistake it's a it's a bolivia and brandy and frankly drinking it just a on its own is not not a good idea i did not like at that time um but the he thinks mike the uh the but what what i did was followed one of the recipes on the website soaps in ghani 63 again is plight kind of owned and and uh uh promoted by steven soderbergh actually don't know if he owns a but he's like very he's very in due o showing this promoting high at us hornish so uh one of they they are they have they have a recipe for an old fashion which uses uh i i can't remember it's turkey tur beano of syrup bird demirel lesser anatolia tornadoes in things so it's basically raw sugar not the processed white sugar it's blake wrold uh kind of brown crystal sugar and i made my own syrup which i gave you it is delicious in if you eat it if you have any interest in making cocktails you should really make your own syrup it takes literally five minutes to do with very easy uh and it saves you a ton of money um and it will keep for six months you're like you you'll go through it in no time flat this this cocktail and subsequent discussion is why trump won just one of but but the anyway so that the them uh the oldfashioned is uh.

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