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I it just kicks your ass up and down the street, and it's a cheery fucking. A beer can logo things. So that's a delicious beer, I should've I was telling Kev before we recorded. I should've just stayed in in Philadelphia that night and gotten hammered off those because I ended up driving for like five more hours until two three in the morning and go to a point where I couldn't fucking focus on the roads in front of me. So I pulled over and slept on on the side of the highway from like two hours before I continued a fucking stayed dude. That is the scariest thing is when you're driving. And you just saw like you like pop up, and you're you're on the rumbles like on this road ham like just like and like you like you like like fucking snapback awake. And then you're like, oh, wait. All right. One really wake. Now. I think it'll be fine. Then like five minutes later, you're on the right? And I'm like, all right. I should probably pull over. But it's after like four or five times of doing that that I finally get like, all right? I'm probably too tired to drive. So sometimes when you finally give up. Yeah. I'm like I don't want to like because it's that I snap where I'm like. Okay. That was terrifying. I could've died it could have killed someone. But then you're just like, it's it's people. It's like, you know, it's like, oh, man. I'm using my phone. I could've crashed in like five minutes later. Well, I wonder what people are saying on Twitter. So, you know. It just happened. So all right, guys. Let's like let's kick this shit off Martin Champions League. I kind of like international break give me such a sour taste. And then like we Amelie got hit with so much football. So is there a match you wanna open up with? There was a lot of excite. We had Liverpool. PS, gee, we had interference as Tottenham messy doing his magic. We had tons of teams qualify. Is there any team? We had Jose Marino in s-, slamming the water bottle. So so is there one open up with? I think we should open up with the most exciting game. PSG versus Liverpool. PS g defeats Liverpool to one in Paris. We're kind of Galvin aided behind a very controversial neymar display on one hand. He was absolutely brilliant scoring one goal setting up the next PSG on their way to the victory. And on the other side. The man was flopping the man was showboating when he didn't need to to the point where James Milner came out and said after the game, I don't know how these players go and talk to their wives and families after the performance that that was that was Jamie Carragher. Yeah. Sorry. Sorry. James Milner, Jamie, Carragher, two sides of the same coin always get those two mixed up. But I mean Milner also railed the fucking referee after the game about this. And like for every brilliant thing. Neymar NPS g do there's almost an asterik beside every single game. PSG was the better team. No doubt about it. But shit they play such a different type of soccer than the other top six teams in. In in the world. So if I'm fan, I'm happy I won this game. But this team has to toughen up this team has to remain in control the entire game. Not let Liverpool climb back into it. Because they were towards the end. But fuck me and made for some exciting soccer. And I was Paul to see Liverpool lose. Well, I know you were in. So we're all the Madrid on Twitter all the Real Madrid fans coming out of the woodwork just being like dislike talking so much shit. I didn't realize how strong this Real Madrid Liverpool rivalries right now. But like, I think it's because of just like the whole Joe Rama's. Hey, and like means like final. But like people were I saw so many Real Madrid people just talking. So it was like a Liverpool hate fest on Twitter, which you know, I'm all about hate fest. But at some point I'm like, dude, like, they're dead like, it's fine. But going back like to the first goal horrible clearance by Virgil Van Dyke. Like what the fuck like I wanna like I the whole Premier League season..

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