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Right here. Melissa ceska. Listen as cranes less the full clip. So that's when you play it in full context and realize that NBC was trying to make it sound. Like, oh, there is there's there's Donald Trump praising the confederates again rallying the troops dog whistles this. And that when you listen to the whole story that he gave about general, Robert E Lee and Ulysses s grant and historically speaking, you know, we have grants farm here. You can go learn about General Grant, right across the street from grant's farm, it's got it's got it. All you can learn a lot about him here in Saint Louis, and it's an important story. General Lee was a very popular and effective military leader. And look what he said there Donald Trump. He didn't go out there and praise Robert E Lee what he said was was a good general Ulysses s ban. Grant was better ABRAHAM LINCOLN used them. Find a way to use them. I think that when people take these clips these things out of context, and you know, what an NBC's case, they didn't just take it out of context. They completely misquoted him they misrepresentative, and then they used a chopped up version of it to try to justify what he was saying they use this edited garbage. So why would it take them two days to put a correction? Do you wanna gas? Why for anyone that has a hard time understanding bias in the media? Could it be possible? Could it be profitable? The editors may have had some sort of bummest against Donald Trump. That can't be it. Could it be? I don't know. Maybe they don't like him. Could it be possible? Their journalistic integrity is compromised based on their dislike for someone instead of actually telling the truth and reporting the truth. They might they might leak some factual errors in there in order to try to convey people that their messages, you know, the the gospel truth there, that's a little weird. No way they would ever do that. Would surely wouldn't doesn't sound right. They've never been caught lying before. They'd never reported fake news before that's never happened. Two days at took them while, you know, President Trump even responded to him. This is what he said he said. NBC news has totally purposely changed the point in meaning of my story about general Robert Ely in general, Ulysses grant. And then later when the correction came out, he tweeted out, thank you NBC for the correction go why did it take two days? This is overnight America, Camelback what does building a better Bank. Look like it starts with building Capital, One cafes warm.

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