Netflix, Donald Trump, Wtmj Drake Associates discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


Day weekend includes at least a moment or two remember what the occasion is all about that being the sacrifice of the men and women in the military who served this country so so nobly end in in cases gave their all for us so it doesn't mean you can't have the barbecue in the fun and the yuks and get the family together but also just take some time in give some thought and keep a good thought for those people seven twenty six ed wtmj it is time now for news about your money here's the namesake tony drake with the wtmj drake associates market update us stocks closed lower on thursday after president donald trump announced got a hotly anticipated summit next month with north korea was cancelled a meeting would have been the first facetoface encounter between a sitting us president and a north korean leader the dow jones industrial average fell seventy five points to finish twenty four thousand eight hundred and eleven by the closing bell well off a two hundred eighty point drop following the news of the cancellation of the summit the s and p five hundred shed point two percent to close at two thousand seven hundred twenty seven thanks to a one point six percent fall in energy stocks and he's slipping oil prices the nasdaq composite finished largely unchanged as losses in facebook and intel offset gains in netflix and adobe with drake in associate time tony drake certified financial planner newsradio wtmj so you see 'em jay is my goto station always listened to the reports i'm away to and from bob euchre needs it's silver in milwaukee wisconsin's radio station he was radio wgm j preparing to.

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