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A plane crash of a twin engine Cessna citation jet in northern California the remains is a shell of the jet the rest burned all ten people on board the plane escaped the FAA saying the plane was taking off for Portland Oregon when the pilots aborted take off the jet ran off the end of the runway and caught fire last week another Cessna citation ran off a runway and caught fire in Tennessee NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt junior was on board that plane ABC's Alex stone there was a fire today at the Walnut Creek Amish flea market that destroyed one building on the site but no injuries were reported their crews struggle to get water on the site to battle the fire the state fire marshal is investigating the cause nearly twenty people are facing federal drug charges today federal state and local police arrested seventeen people on drug trafficking related charges prosecutors say the group was shipping heroin Sentinel and cocaine from California to sell in Ohio their arrests come just as a new study by term life to go shows Ohio has the second highest drug overdose death rate in the United States just behind West Virginia the voter roll purging the state to set to take place next month and could affect an estimated two hundred and thirty five thousand people but Ohio secretary of state Frank larose says he has no plans to delay the action he says it is time to modernize the state's registration process with the goal of increasing civic engagement while at the same time preventing fraud by keeping a more voter roll and Boeing is planning on hiring hundreds of temporary workers to prepare it's a grounded seven thirty seven MAX lead to return to service the company plans to hire a few hundred technicians mechanics and electricians in Washington state the announcement comes as Boeing is awaiting the approval though from the FAA to return the troubled fleet of planes to the skies following multiple deadly crashes your A. B. C. six first warning weather some scattered showers and thunderstorms tonight mostly cloudy with a low around seventy I'm Alison Wyant our next report at seven.

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