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Time and we must you give us twenty two minutes give you the world body fifa degrees at nine forty on this sunday november 1905 john belmont here's what's happening so much for the rainy morning now high winds with a real concern will get alive update from accuweather republican senator jeff flake caught on a hot mic saying the gop his toast if it becomes the party of trump and more bad news about 1970s pop star david cassidy he's in critical condition with organ failure america's top nuclear officer says a launch order from donald trump or any other president can be ignored even nimby illegal send ten wins accu weather clouds and sunshine very windy with gusts of forty fifty miles an hour temps falling to forty four by the end of the day iran week eleven for the giants their latest jab douin number two the yankees talked to a candidate for their managerial vacancy and it was a good salary for the aisles but not the devil which due to our mind forty one traffic and transit on the launch and brian brooklyn now and again at the tendon when stranded as we have our first wind to delay at the air force jfk now thirty minutes on departure so of course check with your carrier and we're keeping an eye on at newark liberty guardia so far there saying on or close will try to the roads are the jackie robinson parkway is at a standstill eastbound i've got a nasty crash here this is right just past queens boulevard the left lane knocked out new barely moving back from metropolitan avenue also pretty rough ride here in town fdr construction is gone accident is gone but what a mess we're still seeing southbound ninety six street although it at a sixtythird sure you moving very slowly rockland county north on new york sleep through wait of 10 and exit twelve two separate crashes this report sponsored by advance auto parts the wind took dentistry lamp in new jersey north antiquity seven.

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