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Because their their warehousing people who have mental illness, drug addiction in hotels in warehouses for homeless shelters, and they're not getting any services. You need to stop the nonsense of closing Rikers Island. We need to re open it to the point where we're getting the mentally ill drug offend the drug offenders. The sex offenders back on Rikers Island, too. Violent criminals belong on Rikers Island behind bars, Not in our bedroom communities in Queens, and each community has been affected. You're absolutely right. Joanne, Aerial running for Queens Borough president seems to be a recurring theme around here. It really is Republicans or for common sense law and order across the board, and if you don't vote for them, and stuff happens to you, you only have yourself to blame. It starts. It starts with Governor Cuomo at the top with the no cash bail law. He's releasing prisoners as well and in the statewide But of course, as you mentioned Bill deBlasio releasing prisoners from Rikers Island, putting him into hotels and then putting homeless people in hotels in residential neighborhoods. It's it's horrific. It really is a New York City was the cultural capital of the world. And in a matter of a year, Richards and de Blasio have destroyed our entire city and the burrow in particular. You know, we've we've lost. Our small businesses are really being targeted by the DiBlasio administration. I mean, you cannot have a small business, which is the backbone of Queens economy. They cannot arrive when they're being robbed and looted. Customers won't come in because of you afraid of getting bald or or God forbid murdered, like happened here in Ozone Park just the other night. But, you know, it seems that the Blasio has really dedicate is dedicated to destroying the restaurant here in New York City, and I just don't understand why, with their radical progressive politicians, he and Donovan Richards and they've managed to turn this beautiful the greatest city in the whole world into a blood soaked shooting gallery. And I just can't sit around and watch it happen. That's why I'm here. Well, that's why you know we love you, Joe. And Of course, we do. Love Queens. It's the home of the New York Mets. And I will tell you this at two years ago on Election Day, I was in Queens because my dear friend, Tom Sullivan was running for Senate. He's running again, by the way. I know it ended up spending Election Day two years ago at Aldo's Pizzeria on course Bay Boulevard in Howard Beach with him and Mark Molinaro when a host of others that lost that day I'll be back in Middle Village. Coming up next Tuesday as well for Tom again and for you. So let's hope that next Tuesday in Queens, we get a victory for some of find people like you when Tom Sullivan and right minded Republicans who need to win in this city if we're ever going to restore any sense of normalcy Absolutely, you know, said Queens is worth fighting for. It's worth fighting for for us for Children for grandchildren. I want to be a ball president for everyone, this entire borough, not just a small portion of it. Yes, the front December 3rd. I'm hoping we can get that done. Robert Astorino said it earlier. The President Trump is on the ticket. A lot of people are going to go out and vote for him. But vote the whole line the whole Republican line because your your safety is on. Especially when you know no jokes. No, nothing's going to change if we leave the Democrats in charge, because what they've done is a pander so far to the left just to remain elected that they for gotten how have forgotten how to be. Servants, and they're just they're just being politicians and they're playing to the left so that they could be reelected. Should net should write and pandering should never be. It should always be about public service. It should always be about what your constituents want, what your constituents need, And it will all just won't even say that thing. It'll get worse. And I'm gonna go back to when Giuliani was first elected because we're very much in the same position. We We were back Then, in the early nineties when he was elected on until we made that change, one seat, the mayoral seat and Rudy Giuliani got in there and stored lawn order to this city, you know? We were really on a downward spiral, and I think we could do that getting in Queens here with electing good right minded elected officials such as myself. All right, so we've got the endorsement from the P B A. D A. S p a Captain's endowment Lieutenant Endowment, New York State Supreme Court Officers Association, New York State Court Officers Association. You could add Bernie and said to those list of endorses and best of luck on Tuesday, Joanna look forward to celebrating in Queens. Thank you appreciate that before we go. I just want to shout out. To my uncle Bill. Who's a real super fan of your show. And I know he's listening. Uncle Bill we love you too. Alright, Killie. We love you Go vote for Joanne Areola. We use Borough president coming up on Tuesday and will come back. We've got beat Bernie coming up Brought to you.

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